Today Show on PANDAS

Back in the spring, I wrote an article on Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcus (PANDAS). The disorder has opened my eyes to the potential role of bacteria in mental illness. Recently, the Today Show did a segment on PANDAS with a remarkable case of a boy attending school at nearby Carnegie-Mellon University. Watch and learn.


I also blogged at length about this condition. Part one dealt with the condition and part two with a potential paradigm shift in mental health and part three developed an interactionist perspective.

One thought on “Today Show on PANDAS”

  1. Wow, Warren, thanks for posting this. I am so happy that this story got the air time it did. I never watch the Today show anymore so I missed it. I can just imagine how many people saw this and ran to the phone to pass along the information to those whose children may suffer from the same thing and for whom there is hope.

    This poor kid was really bad off and now Carnegie-Mellon! That’s great.

    Since one good link deserves another, I’ll pass this along: it’s about cocksackie virus in infants and its long-term effects in some, including mental illness. This will be an area of research scruntiny that hopefully will yield returns.

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