Paul Cameron to appear in Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Bruno”

This may make it worth the price of admission.

Paul Cameron – yes, that Paul Cameron – will be in Cohen’s new film, “Bruno”, out Friday. From the NY Post, via Fox News:

The Post talked to six people involved with the film — including four victims duped into appearing — to get their stories and figure out how, even after the massive success of “Borat,” there are still people unfamiliar with Cohen’s shtick. One didn’t even know he was in the film until The Post phoned.

Victim: Dr. Paul Cameron, chairman of the Family Research Institute, Colorado

Scene: Bruno comes to him for advice on going straight.

“I did a German thing a year ago. Is that this? I wondered what had happened to that. I’m in this bloody film? Well, I’ll be jiggered. I guess you never can believe when people are in distress.

“I had to go to Kansas City. I was told that this chap was a homosexual in Germany, had a popular TV program in Germany, was perhaps suicidal and wanted to [become straight]. And I was supposed to see if I could help him in some way.

His producer was telling people what to do. He’d say, ‘Here’s the setting. This will be your office. He’ll come in, give him the kinds of advice that will be useful for him.’ It took about two and a half, three hours. To put it mildly, a few of his questions seemed strange. When he tried to sit by me and he wanted to give me a b – – w job, that kind of stuff pushed it.

“If it’s a gag, it was pretty well staged. I’ll be another laughing stock. Oh, well.”

I’ll be jiggered…

8 thoughts on “Paul Cameron to appear in Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Bruno””

  1. Cameron’s appearance in Bruno is quite amusing, although I have to say he doesn’t embarrass himself that badly.

    He’s shown saying some vaguely un-PC things about women (basically “they can be annoying but ultimately they’re good for us”), nothing worse.

    Certainly nothing nearly as embarrassing as if, oh I don’t know, he’d taken a bunch of obits from a gay alternative newspaper and used that to estimate the mean life expectancy of homosexuals and then published this ludicrous “research” in a crap journal. For example.

  2. @ Warren,

    wasn’t there certain phrasing that Cameron used in one of his letters to you that was “odd” to say the least.

  3. David – You are right that it is not a fair situation. It does raise the question given that Cameron has no clinical background, why he would take on such a situation?

    Yes, there is overlap in their views. Cameron at least is aware that homosexuals were persecuted during Nazi Germany. He does minimize their suffering as does Lively. It is safe to say that both men seem to believe gays to be responsible for lots of mischief.

  4. Bruno’s sarcasm, cynicism, deceptiveness and hostility has found one viable target out of hundreds hit.

    Still, it is not a fair fight.

    Bruno’s deception might elicit compassion for Cameron.

    Any thoughts on Cameron’s past views expressed here and Lively’s views?

    There seems to be overlap.

  5. I think that only makes it worth the price of the youtube snippet that is sure to go online at some point.

    Also, at least Cameron is aware that he’s a laughingstock. Now if only we could get him to understand why.

  6. More than a laughingstock. Evil. And NARTH won’t dump him. Says everything you need to know about NARTH.

  7. Well, if he feels too much the laughingstock, Cameron could move to Uganda.

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