Connecticut church tries to cast out homosexuality


Conn. church creates stir with gay exorcism video


BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) – The video shows the 16-year-old boy lying on the floor, his body convulsing, as elders of a small Connecticut church cast a “homosexual demon” from his body.

“Rip it from his throat!” a woman yells. “Come on, you homosexual demon! You homosexual spirit, we call you out right now! Loose your grip, Lucifer!”

The 20-minute video posted on YouTube by Manifested Glory Ministries is being called abuse by gay and youth advocates, who are demanding an investigation. But a church official this week denied that the teenager was injured or that the church is prejudiced.

“We believe a man should be with a woman and a woman should be with a man,” the Rev. Patricia McKinney told The Associated Press. “We have nothing against homosexuals. I just don’t agree with their lifestyle.”

The church posted the video on YouTube but has since removed it; it is still available on some Web sites that copied it. The church declined to make the video available for distribution by The Associated Press.

It shows church members standing the youth on his feet by holding him under his arms, and people shouting as organ music plays.

“Come out of his belly,” someone commands. “It’s in the belly – push.”

Later, the teenager is back on the floor, breathing heavily. Then he’s coughing and apparently vomiting into a bag.

The minister says they have nothing against homosexuals. However, she fails to add that she just thinks they are inhabited by demons. Nazis. Demons. Worse threat than terrorists. And gays think Christians are hostile. Go figure.

If anyone knows where the video is hosted, let me know. Shades of James Stabile…


Here is video of the exorcism.

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  1. That might be an explanation, Karen, except that it happened in more than one church. I am a bisexual woman who just looks masculine…. one time I had on a frilly white blouse with embroidery and pearls, hair almost to my waist, green velour pants and heels on…. makeup and long fingernails…. and one of the older women in the church told me I looked “mannish and needed deliverance from demons.” I was on local TBN and afterwards was told I looked like a linebacker in a dress. I was pointed out in more than one evangelistic meeting and told “God will deliver YOU from homosexuality today!!!!” which embarrassed me almost to death because at the time I didn’t have a gay thought in my head. It was after one of those public “discernments” that everybody I knew in the church considered me fair game for their exorcisms. Offhand, I can think of 3 different churches and 3 different evangelists who jumped on the “deliver the homosexual” band wagon. So if my experiences were just due to attending a spiritually abusive church, I must have hit the motherlode.

    Still, I hung on until I heard a hundred times that even if I never did a single gay thing in my life, I wasn’t a christian and would burn in hell forever when I died. That’s when I said, “If I’m going to suffer through this emotional hell and still go to hell anyway, why bother????”

    I was saved, baptized, spoke in tongues, had a healing and evangelism ministry and was as biblically “saved” as anybody could be…. but that didn’t matter. They “discerned” I was gay and that was all the proof they needed of demons.

    You know what’s messed up? At the age of 50 I I had been single again for 8 years and finally met and began a relationship with a woman (my wonderful christian husband had deserted me and his 3 children years before to shack up with his brother’s widow and my partner’s wonderful christian husband is in prison for life because she caught him molesting a little boy) — and EVERY christian “friend” I had turned their back and has never spoken to me again in 7 years.

    In that circle of people, I know adulterers, incesters, murderers, drug and alcohol addicts, thieves, and sinners of all kinds. I know who beats their wife and who molests their children. I know who steals from their congregations. I know who is having an affair with the associate pastor. But NONE of them turn their backs on each other for anything except homosexuality.

    That’s fine, though…. like I said, I’m so much happier and finally free of their poison tongues and evil imaginings.

    Do I hate christianity? Of course not. Do I hate christians? Of course not. I feel absolutely nothing for them emotinoally….. but I can’t gloss over what they did.

    And ultimately, what they did was one of the biggest favors of my life…. they gave me a reason to leave their little corner of hell.

    There’s no excuse and no defense for their behavior, especially not the “no true Scotsman” defense that a real charismatic christian wouldn’t act that way. They would and they did, but they sure won’t get the chance to do it again.

  2. I think its important to distinguish between charismatic churches and simply churches within the charismatic tradition that might be spiritually abusive. Candace, your experience sounds horrific. I am so sorry that happened to you. It sounds like a very abusive, cult-like experience.

    I have had experiences with charismatic churches that are not at all spiritually abusive and would be just as horrified by some of the descriptions of deliverance listed here. So, this is not a charismatic/pentecostal thing. Its beyond that. Charismatic churches may be more inclined toward these things because of certain beliefs, in the came way that Baptist and Calvinists can also become very spiritually abusive in their own ways with legalism. But that is not because it is Baptist. Or because a church is charismatic. Rather, there are churches of all stripes that are led by fallible human beings that sometimes make grave mistakes.

    The whole question of demonic activity is an interesting one, and unfortunately these overly-dramatic exorcism really take away from a rational discussion of what Scripture speaks of in terms of destructive spiritual powers and how our relationship with Christ calls us to respond to those very real powers.

  3. This is terribly sad:

    You will never be one of them. And if you DARE to ever say, “I’m gay,” you are no longer a christian and doomed to burn in hell forever because you didn’t fight against your demons hard enough. You either become straight or grovel and repent forever.

    And this is even sadder:

    The bottom line is that,,,you are still not a Christian. Just pretending to be straight doesn’t help…. you must completely change– and that’s not possible. That’s why 9 years ago I walked out of the church and have never looked back

    How many gays have given up and turned away from the love of God because of the abuse of “Christians”. How many?

  4. I attended charismatic churches for nearly 20 years and underwent much worse than that in an effort to “cast out” demons of homosexuality. I was choked, thrown against walls, thrown on the floor, held down, had gallons of oil poured over my head, had communion wafers forced into my mouth while a crowd of people milled around, screaming “the blood of Jesus!” at the top of their voices. I know “deliverance” from experience. Unless you have been through the experience, you don’t understand that you either go along with the craziness or it gets worse and worse for you. Denying you have a problem is just your demons speaking. Not wanting to be treated this way is a demon speaking. Begging some ignorant pastor to stop choking you is a demon speaking. Either go along with them or be ostracized.

    And if you never have a gay experience or a gay fantasy or a gay action, they will still “discern” gay spirits because of the way you look, or talk, or walk. If you grovel and cry at the altar every week, “confessing” your filthiness and sinfulness, your presence will be tolerated but you can never hold a leadership position, be near a child, or be part of anything in the church. Men will forbid their wives to talk to you. You will never be one of them. And if you DARE to ever say, “I’m gay,” you are no longer a christian and doomed to burn in hell forever because you didn’t fight against your demons hard enough. You either become straight or grovel and repent forever.

    The bottom line is that if you do everything these “christians” say and go through a dozen humiliating, criminal assaults called “deliverance,” you are still not a chirstian. Just pretending to be straight doesn’t help…. you must completely change-– and that’s not possible.

    That’s why 9 years ago I walked out of the church and have never looked back. All the “demon” garbage they taught me has vanished like fog on a sunny morning. I feel like I’ve been let out of a filthy, torturous, evil prison, into sunshine and hope and rationality. I wouldn’t go back to that kind of psychological and emotional and physical and spiritual abuse for any amount of money.

  5. Not lying Ray. Disagreeing with you. Not glorifying perversion. Not gloifying anything but Christ.

    Calling myself a Christian because that is what I am. I “wear the shoe” of Christianity because it does fit

    Not invading your church or anyone elses. We have been quietly attending your churches, singing in the choir, serving the church in many capacities — for years — and you were too ignorant and hate-filled to see us.

    Have no desire to dictate what goes on in your church. I go to praise the Lord. What do you do to do? Frankly, If the other parishioners are anything like you, I would want to stay as far away as possible.

    Who would want to invade that?

  6. Sad the folks like Ray, above, still continue to spout the hateful nonsense they do. Sorry I mispelled “alert”.

  7. Is it not already too much that homosexuals lie to society to glorify perversion? They then lied again to pretend that it is okay to call themselves christians, even though it is very evident that the bible teaches against it.

    Bigot altert.

  8. If homosexuals don’t like christian’s beliefs, why lie? You are free to make up whatever beliefs you want, right? So why lie about what christianity teaches or hate it? Other religions are allowed their doctrines, right? IF A SHOE DOES NOT FIT, …WHY CONTINUE TRYING TO WEAR IT? To do so only shows that you validate what you say you do not agree with, which is more hypocrisy & contradiction, right? As Elijah indicated, “How long will you be torn between two opinions: if God is God, serve Him, and if Baal is god, serve him.” If the christians or the Bible are false to denounce your lifestyle, why are you whining & still trying to be a part of it? To do so is self-indictment.

  9. Hmmm,…interesting to notice that the gays who PROMOTE homosexuality all over America…and tolerance,….and so very INTOLERANT toward christians about their own beliefs. ” H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y .” — If the guy wanted help, what is it to you? Is it not already too much that homosexuals lie to society to glorify perversion? They then lied again to pretend that it is okay to call themselves christians, even though it is very evident that the bible teaches against it. Now,…they want to actually invade the churches to dictate what goes on inside them, too? — OUTRAGEOUS!

  10. I don’t see that the practice of “exorcism” has a scriptural basis. There were obviously times when Christ and the disciples cast out demons, but it was done with great authority and did not require ritualistic/spiritualist types of activity, as excorcism often involves.

    I personally do not recall any teachings in the Bible where groups of individuals got together, and for significant lengths of time, hooting and hollering, yelling, singing, slapping and holding people down in restraint, waving crosses and rosery beads, burning candles, etc., to cast out demons.

    This activity itself is ungodly—very similar to rituals found in the occult arena. The scriptures teach that as we exercise our spiritual power everything should be done “decently and in order.” Exorcism is in line with other types spiritualism that has crept into the church, such as being “slain in the spirit” and healing ceremonies such as we see on television broadcasts such as Benny Hinn. Sometimes you can actually feel the demonic influences in the air.

    That is not to say that healings and casting out of demons cannot be accomplished in this way. But it comes with a heavy price: incorporating non-Biblical “spiritualism” into Christian doctrine. And this deception is exactly what the adversary wants (just as well as incorporating homosexual and other sinful doctrines into the church).

    When healing and casting out of demons is accomplished in these situations, it is not because of the rituals taking place but the “faith” of the people involved, particularly the individual. (“Your ‘faith’ has made you whole.”) It could have been accomplished outside of these rituals.

    In the case of the boy who’s “demon” was cast out, it was more likely than anything that the whole emotional impact of the situation, his desire to have it done and believing that it would help was what relieved his struggle with homosexuality.

    Furthermore, I do not believe that according to scripture it is possible for a “Christian” to be demon possessed. (I may be wrong there and welcome any input on that.) That is not to say there cannot be very strong demonic influences in their life.

  11. I grew up around many Pentecostals of various races. I have known people who underwent “exorcisms” to remove their bad tempers, promiscuity, or alcoholic tendencies. As far as I know, the rituals didn’t change much. The people still got into fights, slept around, and drank like there was no tomorrow. They just felt that they were free of demons.

  12. Pastor and “Prophet” McKinney of Manifested Glory Ministries appeared on CNN and claimed the gay teen’s “homosexual spirit” has been cleansed; see:



    McKinney also describes homosexuality as a choice and a demonic spirit akin to drug addiction: “It’s not just the homosexuality spirit. It could be the alcohol spirit, the crack cocaine spirit, the adultery spirit. Everything carries a spirit.”

    Exodus International, a Christian group that believes gays can become straight through prayer and counseling, does not advocate the church’s approach, said Jeff Buchanan, director of church equipping.


    And…. the exorcism may not have taken:

    A minister and trusted source of Rod 2.0 reports the 16-year-old boy no longer attends the church and has found an LGBT “inclusive and affirming” church.


  13. Homosexuals Defame Black Church for Exercising their Religious Liberty: CADC Demands Tolerance


    Contact: Dr. Gary Cass, Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, 866-508-2232


    BRIDGEPORT, Conn., June 25 /Christian Newswire/ — “Where is the tolerance for a church who tried to help a young man who freely asked for help to overcome homosexual temptations?” asked Dr. Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. “No church deserves to be maligned for trying to help a troubled teen who asked for prayer.”

    Hey, not me…. look at my post above!! I didn’t post this thread [said sheepishly]. For the rest of this, in which I imagine Dr Gary Cass is just trying to make a name for himself, check out the Christian Newswire.

  14. Once, at Melodyland, I watched several “elders” forcibly hold a teenaged girl, against her will, who was screaming for the folks to let her go — to let her out of the exorcism room. I guess they thought she had lesbian demons. I wanted to go in and help her, but was told to stay out.

  15. I think a few things are interesting. One is that the casting of demons now involves a woman periodically lashing you with a towel?

    The kid was likely a good kid, just wanting to “do right” by his family and faith…sadly, it will be more destructive than helpful. The fact that he wanted this just saddens me.

    Progress has a long way to go.

  16. Considering that Joanne Highley (once of EXODUS) used to case gay demons out of “throats and mouths and anal canals” — after gay guys “absorbed demonic power” by “having sex on the floors of gay bars”, it is probably wise that the folks in the video are wearing rubber gloves and have lots of paper towels on hand.

    I have to say that this exorcism is mild, mild, mild compared to what I saw at Melodyland in the 1970’s — as folks there attempted to cast out gay devils.

  17. My lover, Gary, had lots of gay demons cast out of him. The SSA ones remained.

  18. Karen,

    I value your input on this. I have a friend who has gone through such experiences and testifies to the tranformational event. This is not the Lively kind. In fact, I doubt anything about Lively is kind – but without the pun – people do take different flights and land in different places. It’s about being within the body of Christ. There are different parts.

  19. Just to play the devil’s advocate, its only fair to say this church is not singling out gay people. This particular denominational flavor simply believes that demonic activity is very real and could just as well be casting out the demon of depression or over-eating or back pain. I think its quite unfair to try to compare these individuals with someone like Lively.

    I grew up in a Baptist tradition where we were extremely prejudiced against pentecostals/charismatics. However, I have since come to know and love many people in this particular culture and while I don’t agree with all their beliefs or practices, I have learned not to be so quick to judge. It certainly doesn’t help non-Christians understand Christianity, and that bothers me, but at the same time I am not going to paint inaccurate caricatures of pentecostals.

    Also, from what I understand the boy took the initiative to ask for this to be done.

    Incidentally, there is a report in secular psychological research of a man who was transgendered and about to undergo surgery. His family managed to convince him to undergo an exorcism. When he dropped out of the research study, the researchers followed up to find out why he had dropped out of the transgender research study. Apparently, after the exorcism he no longer felt the desire or need to be a woman. Hmmm. (I don’t have the citation for this, but it is listed in Yarhouse and Jones book–maybe you know it Warren?)

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