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Here is a preview of posts for the next couple of weeks.
1. New research – Commenter Evan pointed out two new studies of interest, one a twin study and the other related to the the role of gender atypical behavior in adult mental distress. In additional to those two papers, there are two other studies on childhood gender nonconformity that I want to review as well.
2. Q&A with Michael Bailey – Dr. Bailey will comment on the new Finnish twin study. He will also speak about the mistakes those on the right and left make in interpreting these studies.
3. Rebuttal to the Pink Swastika – I will be providing a guest post, a difficult to locate response to arguments which form the basis for the Pink Swastika and primary sources which contradict Scott Lively’s view that the Nazism was animated by homosexuality.
I suspect those posts will lead to several follow ups that should keep us busy.

2 thoughts on “Preview of coming attractions”

  1. One of my most favorite “gay themed” books of all time is “Queer Science” by La Vey ( yes, the guy who caused all the hoopla about the hypothalmus).
    And one of my most favorite lines of the book involves the panel dialogue he had with religious leaders. One of the church leaders, upon hearing La Vey’s points on biology issued the remark that, if, La Vey *had* indisputably found a biological basis for homosexuality, it would be “game over” so to speak. IOW the traditional interpretation of Scripture would be upended; there would be a rationale to change thinking.
    La Vey, was speechless. He fully expected to hear that homosexual relationships should rest on a religious tradition, not a scientific finding.
    I share that little piece to wonder aloud, “Should there be conclusive evidence that there has been a Third Sex all along (We know of course that there are intersexed.), will that allow the gender “different” or “atypical” to enter into partnerships with the blessing or at least greater tolerance of the church?”
    Does the church even have any kind of moral compass for those born intersexed and altered? Because, biologically, those who are gender atypical are on the same continuum. At least that is what I believe with my whole being will someday be revealed.
    IOW at the risk of sounding cynical, I echo the words of the late Francis Schaeffer,
    “So how then shall we live?” (Diffferent syntax, same meaning.)
    No doubt: scientifically fascinating, but what are these studies really going to do for gay Christians? (Pondering aloud.)

  2. Thanks for the mention.
    There are more then two studies, actually, some of them in the process of peer review. The list can be found on Professor N. Kenneth Sandnabba’s website; he has a background in studies of “behavior genetics of aggression using animal models, and different aspects of human sexual behavior and gender roles”.
    Here are a few more, if those two weren’t enough:
    # Santtila, P., Harlaar, N., Knafo, A., Alanko, K., Varjonen, M., Jern, P., von der Pahlen, B., & Sandnabba, N. K. (submitted). Sexual orientation and its association with psychiatric symptoms: A behavior genetic study. Behavior Genetics.
    # Santtila, P., Wikblad, S., Schmitt, D. P., & Sandnabba, N. K. (submitted). Genetic and environmental influences on sociosexual behaviors and attitudes. Evolution and Human Behavior.
    # Varjonen, M., Santtila, P., Alanko, K., Jern, P., Johansson, A., von der Pahlen, B., Witting, K., Ålgars, M., & Sandnabba, N.K. (submitted). Gender differences in the genetics of sexual desire. Biological Psychology.
    # Santtila, P., Högbacka, A.-L., Johansson, A., Jern, P., Varjonen, M., von der Pahlen, B., & Sandnabba, N. K. (in press). Testing Miller’s theory of alleles preventing androgenization as an evolutionary explanation for the genetic predisposition for male homosexuality. Evolution and Human Behavior.
    Finnish researchers don’t seem to have any problems with getting money for this kind of research…

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