4 thoughts on “Obama requests resignation of GM's boss, CEO Wagoner resigns”

  1. The sad truth is that if the USA was run as poorly as General Motors we’d still be in pretty good shape as a nation.
    Satire: Obama forces GM chief out, puts Reid, Pelosi on leave

    “Their insurance products — Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid — are actually elaborate Ponzi schemes,” he said, “paying early investors with cash from later investors without creating an ongoing insurance fund. Bernie Madoff is behind bars for doing the same thing.”

    “The Energy Department was created in the 1970s to decrease dependence on foreign oil which then accounted for 20 percent of domestic consumption,” the president said. “They spend $25 billion per year, and now 60 percent of our oil is from other nations. Reid and Pelosi continue to pump money into this failed enterprise, and then come to taxpayers with hat in hand for a bailout.”

    The president also noted that the Education Department spends about $57 billion per year on public schools that continue to produce substandard, in many cases unmarketable, products.

  2. Obama on the auto industry

    “Year after year, decade after decade, we have seen problems papered-over and tough choices kicked down the road, even as foreign competitors outpaced us. Well, we have reached the end of that road.”

    He might as well have been speaking about the US government. Within 10 years we will be as bankrupt as the automobile manufacturers.

  3. Not directly; but indirectly they benefit from GM’s existence. And it is arguable that they share in the demise.

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