Exodus adds disclaimer to their website

Most recently, Exodus removed a link to Scott Lively’s article on the Pink Swastika. The article attempts to support the idea that homosexuality was integral to the the Nazi uprising. As a consequence of Lively’s appearance in Uganda, Exodus leadership removed the article.
Now, in a move to make sure information on their website is consistent with their mission, Exodus has added a disclaimer and request.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that many articles have been added to this website since its creation in 1995. Exodus does not necessarily ascribe to the views expressed in these articles or the views of the authors. If you find an article in error biblically or factually, please bring it to our attention for review. We are in the process of updating this site and your help is greatly appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Exodus adds disclaimer to their website”

  1. Anything factual?
    So Warren, will you suggest to Exodus that they remove all mention of ‘reparative therapy’ or any such mention that the ‘absent father’ or ‘overbearing mother’ is necessarily a cause of homosexuaulity, whether male or female?

  2. Once again, EXODUS wimps out morally. “Removing links” and posting “disclaimers” is not the same thing as speaking out boldly and clearly against what these hatemongers (Kern, Cameron, Lively, Schoeonewolf, Berger, et al) stand for. Why won’t EXODUS do that???
    EXODUS is more concermed about “bad PR” than doing the right thing.

  3. And Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia…..
    Maybe I’m being too cynical.
    Certainly though, at this stage they can’t afford to be seen to be too closely associated with the coming pogroms in Africa. I’m sure many are horrified- some at the violence, some at the bad PR. For most, a pogrom is the last thing they want. For a few, a pogrom is the last stage they want, and don’t want to tip their hand too early.

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