Digest: Moon, Obama, Cohen, Povia, Weinland

I have been looking into several things of late, some of which may develop into a post. For now, I’ll just a few spots (not sure if they are high or low, maybe just strange).
-According to Unificationist websites, Barack Obama has been friendly with Sun Myung Moon front groups, the American Clergy Leadership Conference and True Family Values since before Obama became a Senator. One highly placed Moon follower and official related that Obama’s wife may be involved in Unificationism in some way. See this page for more on that topic.
-Speaking of Unificationism, Richard Cohen’s interview on Universal Peace Television (MoonTV) appears on the Unificationist YouTube account of Kevin Pickard (UPDATE: Scrubbed within 30 minutes of the post, see below). Also, Cohen has been active on YouTube of late with account IHF2008. Looks like he is putting the archives up for view with past appearances on O’Reilly Factor, Paula Zahn, Larry King and local news. I wonder if we will see his appearances on Jimmie Kimmel, the Daily Show and the 2006 Paula Zahn Show?
-We had an English translation of Luca Era Gay here, if not first, pretty close to it. Now, You can listen to it on YouTube. It is kind of catchy…
-Did you know that nuclear explosions might rock the US by March? If you are a follower of Ronald Weinland, you are getting ready for the end times. He claims to be one of two end time prophets with the Kingdom coming in by 2012. If you are interested in how religiously-based mind control groups operate, you can read a bit on this discussion blog for those who are believers in Weinland and those who are on the fence.
That is an odd lineup…
UPDATE: In what is the quickest scrub job I can recall, the Cohen video has already been taken down from Kevin Pickard’s YouTube page. Here is a screen capture of the page and the video from a couple of days ago. I suspect next will be the same interview on Universal Peace Television.

5 thoughts on “Digest: Moon, Obama, Cohen, Povia, Weinland”

  1. Everytime I think of a Washington newspaper the word ‘Post’ just follows along right behind… 😉
    You’ve never heard of the House of Yahweh that Billy Hawkins started (with his brother)? They were supposed to be the two seers/witnesses of Revelation and herald the coming apocalypse. The House of Yahweh (not the Church of Yahweh) is a cult in Texas and parts of Oklahoma where I used to live. I think Hawkins might have drawn some jail time or at least been investigated (child abuse). A few murders in the mix also, if I remember right. Evidently, the “nuclear baby” was aborted….. by god?
    http://www.yahweh.com (House of Yahweh)
    http://www.yhwh.com (Church of Yahweh)
    BTW – I was reading through some comments on Senator Buttars’ reprimand by his fellow state republican legislators in Utah and ran across this fellow… first I have seen of him in a while. Reduced to making comments in support of the most virulently bigoted now….
    Paul Cameron | 11:24 a.m. Feb. 21, 2009
    Buttars said nothing that is false. Inflammatory yes… but not untrue. Anonymous asked for studies supporting the assertion that homosexuals are predators. One need only Google for a plethora of sites with studies and data supporting that fact. You may start with the Family Research Institute and the AFA Journal. And check out NAMBLA (the gay organization promoting man-boy sex).
    The man is confident that his work will live on. Unfortunately, cyberspace might just be the place for such to continue and disseminate at a more rapid speed. Hate travels faster than Love on the Net. Love demands that one look in another’s eyes and sees there the totality of the other and understands.

  2. Hawkins? Not familiar with that one.
    Moon owns the Times, not Post. Those who run the Times are politically conservative and no one said that the Unificationists were consistent in their thinking. There are many contradictions throughout the movement — all held together by Moon’s claim to be the Messiah.

  3. Eh…. Yisrael “Billy?” Hawkins messed up before Weinland with his Nuclear Baby.
    So why isn’t the Washington Post being nice to Obama. Moon still owns it, doesn’t he?

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