Accountability sought at MKP annual meeting

New Warrior brothers Fred “grow some” Saldutti and Reid “new warrior man” Baer are men on a mission. MKP’s annual meeting is coming up in Glen Ivy, CA and our boys want to find the truth. Fred wants to know what MKP is doing about sexual harrassment on the New Warriors Training Adventure weekends (so there is sexual harrassment, Fred?) and Reid wants to be the free press. Let’s listen in…

Spirit of transparency? Reid, you said you reported on the MKP annual meeting for six years but it was for the secret MKP journal. To my knowledge, there has not been an independent reporting of MKP dealings or annual meeting to date. Good luck with the transparency thing.

One thought on “Accountability sought at MKP annual meeting”

  1. Fred and Reid sound like they are still hungover from the kool-aid. Baer made noises like he was going to expose MKP but he has done little of that. Basically, it looks like he has a grudge against MKP for firing him and that is about the extent of it, IMHO.

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