Blagojevich defiant to Chicago station

Saying he has done 25 things right, Rod Blagojevich predicts he will be vindicated.
You can see video at the link.

“I think the accomplishments for people speak for themselves. If that’s impeachable then I’m on the wrong planet and living in the wrong place,” the governor said. “I know what the truth is — and the truth is, I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, and I’ve done a lot of things right — even in this process, without saying too much, that was all about trying to end up with the right decision that could do the most things for the people of Illinois. When the full truth is told, you will see precisely that.”

About those tapes…

Andy Shaw asked the governor if he would be embarrassed to have those profanity-laden tapes played before the committee.
“If I’d have known people were listening, I probably wouldn’t have said some of the things you say in private conversations. But I think there is tens of millions of people across America who talk like that from time to time.”

I have been away from this story for a few days. Since my last post, Obama’s report has been filed and Blago’s attorneys want to subpoena Obama aides, including Emanuel. You gotta wonder what is up. On day 2 of the scandal, Obama said Blago should resign. Now, Blago’s attorneys think Emanuel will vindicate Blago?
I wonder if his defense will be: I didn’t do anything wrong, I only talked about doing something wrong.

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  1. @David Blakeslee:
    Au contraire! The Blago saga is most entertaining in a strange and somewhat perverse sort of way. Some people like Soaps. I used to be a major X-Files fanatic. That may indeed be the draw I have to this. I think Blago may be an extraterrestrial. In fact he said so in his televised appearance today. Check it out, he said he must be from the wrong planet.
    The Truth is Out There.

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