Former Mankind Project journal editor plans YouTube revolution

Reid Baer doesn’t go quietly.
Former Mankind Project (MKP) member-only journal editor is planning an online meeting for men who dislike MKP for one reason or another and those who are remaining in it. Mr. Baer was recently fired from the editor position for several vague reasons, one of which was using New Warrior in his online screen name. MKP claims such use is a copyright violation.
If using New Warrior online is a copyright violation then get ready for an orgy of violations. Here is Baer’s plan. He wants men who have interest or who have ever been involved with MKP to go to this YouTube page and register as a New Warrior. Currently, there are only a few names (e.g., NewWarriorObserver, NewWarriorMan2). We could all go over and be NewWarriors. Like NewWarriorDrowssap or NewWarriorEddy or something (I think NewWarriorMary would be kind of humorous). Anyway, the “event” will be 12/1 and 12/2.
MKP also recently terminated the contract of long-time MKP administrator Drury Heffernan. The reason given was the need for someone to improve MKP technological capabilities. Whatever the reasons for these changes, MKP’s numbers are dropping and the financial crunch continues. According to Baer, the organization needs to become more transparent. The release of Baer indicates that the group has opted for maintaining the secret lodge-like approach. The Houston Press article and Scinto case which triggered it have clearly had an impact on MKP.
For more information, see my page on MKP.

4 thoughts on “Former Mankind Project journal editor plans YouTube revolution”

  1. Your article made me do some homework on MKP. From what I can tell so far, The Mankind Project is making a concerted effort at greater “transparency,” and the new editor of their journal is soon making it available to the general public.
    Apparently, MKP fired Reid Baer as the editor of their (previously in-house) publication after repeated charges of journalistic incompetence and irrational self-indulgence. The last straw likely was his choice to put his own ego ahead of the organization with a series of irate, rambling video posting on YouTube that attacked anyone in the organization who asked him to act more responsibly.
    Well, if even half of what I learned is true, speaking as the manager of a small for-profit company, if this guy had acted that way as one of my employees, I’d have fired him, too. Seems to me that this fellow is like the unhappy fox grumbling about “sour grapes” he could not reach.

  2. BT Carolus – I am not sure. All I know is to go to the YouTube website and see what happens. Mr. Baer has no love for the MKP upper level and probably hopes to undermine it at that level. He is looking for local control and more accountability and openness. Informed consent would also be a plus.

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