9 thoughts on “Managed Bankruptcy: Better than a bailout?”

  1. According to Kuwait’s daily Al-Seyassah, the US asked for a $ 300bn loan from Gulf states like the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait. The funds are reportedly needed to finance the help for the auto industry and banks.
    Meanwhile, GM refused a bid for its German Opel business. They don’t want to sell the German business, because they expect the US government to bail them out. Now the US government asks for a loan from Arab states to help the auto industry, among others. Who wins and who loses?

  2. Auto fatso GM is asking for a bailout in the US, but they have no intention to sell their foreign business, even if that can bring them some cash and credit and cut their costs. There’s no intention to restructure, they just want things to go on as usual and the government to pay for that. GM used a similar tactic in Germany, threatening with job losses and they got some credit lines from the German government for their Opel business.

  3. Ah Ann!! Like the lesson they will learn is how to do good business?? Pishaw ….they will learn how to hide better next time. LOL!!!!
    I’m thinking of submitting Mary’s Bail Out Request and Business Formula next week.

  4. Do it fast and get the pain over.

    I agree – the only thing I would add is to learn the lesson, not lose it. Did you hear that each one of them came to Washington in a private jet? I wonder if they stayed at the Four Seasons as well – all the while expecting someone else (us) to pay for it with a bail out.

  5. Romney is right on the money.
    Like it or not Americans aren’t buying that many cars right now or for the forseable future. Detroit is about to go through massive layoffs one way or the other. Bankruptcy will help them become more competitive, a government bailout will have the opposite effect.

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