In other words, the old politics is the new politics

“Obama the brand” says we need change in Washington; “Obama the man” picks Rahm(bo) Emanuel, a Chicago-trained, Washington insider as his first pick.
Rahm Emanuel was a board member with Freddie Mac. Via News Alert, the Chicago Sun-Times reported:

Political resume: 1980s, starts with Illinois Public Action Council: runs House Democratic field operations. Fund-raiser for Sen. Paul Simon, Mayor Daley campaigns. Launches alliance with media strategist David Axelrod, his key adviser.
1990s, starts his opposition research firm. 1991, joins the Bill Clinton presidential campaign, moves to Little Rock, Ark. Saves Clinton by raising millions while Clinton is dogged by the Gennifer Flowers scandal.
Clinton White House years: Rewarded with job as White House political director in January 1993. Demoted by June. Resurrected by taking on NAFTA (with Bill Daley), other policy projects. Escapes controversy during impeachment. Leaves White House in 1998, never having to hire a lawyer. Clinton loyalist.
Chicago: Returns to Ravenswood, makes millions as an investment banker in a few deals; tapped by Clinton for a plum spot on Freddie Mac board; Daley appointee on CHA board. Wins House seat in 2002 with help of Daley Machine. Daley loyalist.
Congress: Came in with a running start because he knew Dem leaders from Clinton White House and was seen as a fund-raiser who could work the elite donor network. Demands seat on Ways and Means Committee as price for taking on political job; chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
The best quote: “He’s as cold-blooded as I need him to be to make the decisions.” — House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi on Emanuel, May 27 National Journal.

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  1. Has anyone noticed that the percentage point difference on the Prop 8 results are incredibly small – MUCH smaller than the last time this same vote was held. The BIG thing happening is that people are changing their minds on this issue – and they are doing it much faster than even I would have thought.

  2. Warren wrote: So you want me to consciously direct my mind away from my fascination with politics to review an article you suggest? I would need to have a mind to do that wouldn’t I?
    My neurons may get around to it one of these days. Until then, I am a passive recipient of their directives and they are telling me….

    Are you saying you don’t have a mind? Passive recipient? Ha! Subject to influence from some outside spirit no doubt. Will you become an exorcist of demons in your new line of work? Ok, the question was a bit lame. But I’m more interested in your thinking on the brain/mind association; and it is of interest to know just how faith and science are to be reconciled with respect to one’s mind. Afterall, we have NARTH proclaiming “God the Reparative Therapist: How God Responds to Shame.”
    You’ve been feeling the conservative love recently during the presidential campaign. It seems you are loath to give that up and go back to some things which necessarily aren’t so lovable to that fan base. Post on NARTH get only 12 diggs, post on the election get up to 100 diggs, 8 times as many. Science is sometimes a lonely business.

  3. Obama has repeatedly, for several years now, said that in his view, and on religious grounds, marriage is between a man and a woman.
    It was only a few days before the election that he stated that he was against proposition 8 anyway, though he thought it was up to the individual states to decide.
    But he’s cool with the vote for it.
    Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the “No” case, especially when DNC robocalls emphasised his opposition to same-sex marriages in hispanic areas.

  4. @Holden Magroin: I believe your analysis of Prop 8 is on target. I may do a post on that.
    RE: Change. We should do a Fannie/Freddie reunion watch, eh?

  5. Yes, Isn’t it interesting that those same black and Hispanic voters who voted overwhelmingly for Obama (Our Dear Leader-elect) also voted in the majority for Prop 8 in California. Even though The One opposed it! From what I have seen most of them did so on religious grounds.
    As far as the other issue, That’s really nothing that should surprise anyone. How many Clinton Administration officials got cushy jobs and big payouts at Fannie and Freddie–Rahm Emanuel, Frankin Raines, Jamie Gorelick…and how many will show up in The One’s Adminstration? That’s change you can believe in!

  6. Lynn David – So you want me to consciously direct my mind away from my fascination with politics to review an article you suggest? I would need to have a mind to do that wouldn’t I?
    My neurons may get around to it one of these days. Until then, I am a passive recipient of their directives and they are telling me that there is something wrong with someone who promises a post-partisan Washington and then delivers Rahm “how’s your cat?” Emanuel.

  7. There’s a convergence though, Warren.
    We have almost a “liberation theology” movement amongst the more radical black baptist churches, that call for sweeping socialisation (and persecution of gays too). Now they’re only a part of the Leftist faction that Obama belongs to, there are Academic marxists too. Some of whose policies I agree with BTW, even though I’m a neo-con. Others… not so much.
    Not National Socialism, Christian Socialism. The Future?

  8. Yeah Warren, but it’s beginning to look like an obsession.
    For instance I would wonder where your thinking lies on a subject such as this:
    Creationists declare war over the brain – NewScientist
    As it is quite of interest to your field of study, psychology. Do human cognitive capacities “require some non-natural explanation?” Or is that simply a statement which means you don’t know the explanation? Should a person suffering from OCD put “mindful attention” to actively change their thought processes and if this showed up in the brain scans, this shows OCD patients can alter their patterns of neural firing at will. But does that mean the mind is something other than the work of the brain, or that the brain simply develops ways of calming and healing itself?
    Seems to be more important in your work. Why don’t you put your mind to it. Frankly, I would really like to know….

  9. @Bose: There will be posts about sexual identity issues and probably pretty soon since the NARTH conference is this weekend. However, as an individual blogger, I am pursuing stuff that is interesting to me — and right now the emergence of the far left as a ruling party is pretty interesting.

  10. Do you have any thoughts about returning the blog to its roots, and leaving the Obama stuff behind? That would be my preference.
    Take care…

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