2 thoughts on “Obama bans some reporters from covering the final days of campaign”

  1. Election time sensationalism?

    We think the Obama campaign’s decision is to some degree more a function of limited seats, and while we’re a large regional newspaper, we’re not national and we’re not in a swing state. We’ve been on the road with them at key moments, but we’ve not been along for the entire ride, like, say, The New York Times and The Associated Press.

  2. First, it is false that “Obama bans some reporters from covering the final days of campaign.” Those reporters are still allowed on the campaign bus, and they are encouraged to travel with Joe Biden, where there is more room.
    Second, some more facts: There’s limited space on the plane. The readership of those two newspapers is primarily non-swing states. Obama kept the Fox News reporter on the plane, even though Fox News has a much larger, national audience, and also has a strong anti-Obama slant.

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