Franklin County (OH) removes voter registration information from website

UPDATE: The website is back up. The BOE says there are about 200 absentee ballots they are examining at this moment. The reason the information was removed was due to some concerns that peace officers had about their information being available to the public – an legal reason to shield that information. In the effort to remove several addresses, all were removed temporarily.
On Saturday, I posted about Vote Today Ohio leaders who live out of state but registered to vote in Franklin County, Ohio.
However, if you go now to the Franklin County website to look up registration information you will find that the address and other poling location information associated with registrants have been removed.
redacted Ohio
All addresses and absentee ballot information have been redacted for all voters. The statute 149.43 is Ohio’s public records law. This statute provides exceptions to the release of public records. Someone must have complained about the addresses being online although I can find nothing in the statute that would exempt voter registrations.
As a follow up, here are the funding sources of Vote Today Ohio.
You have to wonder how widespread the practice of Obama supporters from safe states heading to swing states is. There is a website that encourages people to make just these kinds of moves called The page says it is not directly supported by the Obama campaign.
UPDATE: I should have known would have more on the out-of-staters.
No doubt, more to come…

One thought on “Franklin County (OH) removes voter registration information from website”

  1. I looked at that ‘’ website and I did not see anything where they mentioned going to swing states to vote. It just said people were traveling to canvass and GOTV. I suppose it would depend on what the election laws are in the particular state as to what would constitute residency and voter eligibility. From what you and others have been posting (or reporting, since our esteemed news media doesn’t seem to want to do their jobs these days) Ohio seems to be hell-bent on letting anyone who travels there vote early and often.
    However, reading the obamatravel website reminded me of this: Obama’s campaign actually is encouraging young people to use emotional blackmail on their own Grandparents to get them to vote for The One (hallowed be his name). It’s very frightening, especially many of the comments. It’s not a political campaign, it’s a cult.

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