Palin policy speech today on special needs families

I wish I could have heard it but just down the road in Pittsburgh, Sarah Palin delivered a policy speech, on the topic of special needs and disabilities.
Her full remarks are here with video.
She has been much maligned for her special needs record. However, claims of cutting programs that I have researched have been false with most programs for special needs families receiving increases from her Alaska budgets.

2 thoughts on “Palin policy speech today on special needs families”

  1. Palin’s speech is irrelevant. The McCain/Palin message has been upstaged by her lack of intelligence and good sense that neither has exercised. Just as Sarah thinks her job is to run the senate, she is also been seriously mislead as to what influence she will have with spending. If, and it is a very longshot, they are elected, they will have a democrat congress and house to deal with. Neither branch will be sympathetic or easy to work with given the ugly tenor that the McCain/Palin campaign has set. Rest assured, Sarah can promise you all money but you will never see it because she is a devisive idiot with an I.Q. lower than a pile of rocks.

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