Debate reactions: Open Forum

I think Joe Wurzelbacher (the Ohio plumber) and Bob Schieffer did well.
The questions were more helpful to voters in making decisions. I think the candidates made the differences a bit clearer. If you want a more centralized federal government and social liberal, vote for Obama. If you want spending discipline and social conservatism, vote for McCain.
Bring it…
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Let me remind readers about this post about Mr. Wurzelbacher’s interview today with Family Security Matters.

4 thoughts on “Debate reactions: Open Forum”

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  2. OOooohh…. and I though you were blocking me. Since everyone else seemed to post but not me on that one.

  3. “If you want spending discipline and social conservatism, vote for McCain. ”
    I believe Bush uttered the same mantra – Regardless, that is simply the Republican Platform being reiterated – it is nothing new or earth shattering, and apparently there are plenty of Republicans who like to say it and then never live it.
    My kingdom for a REAL, Republican – one who focuses on spending discipline and leaves government out of social issues as much as is humanly possible

  4. If what you say is true, the flash polls of today’s debate indicate undecided voters favor a centralized federal government and social liberalism.

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