Guilt by participation: New McCain ad

Ok, folks, comment away:

I maintain that the connection to Ayers matters but more from the perspective of what it means for Obama’s education policy and economic policies now. For instance, I would like to know if Obama would appoint someone with Ayers’ ideas about education. I do not dismiss the judgment problems inherent in maintaining the relationships he did but I am also concerned about who he would appoint to various positions in his administration. Presidents often look to long time advisors and mentors. It seems reasonable to examine those who have helped and mentored him along the way.

5 thoughts on “Guilt by participation: New McCain ad”

  1. I think the ad nails it. Obama puts his career first … not country. He used his far left connections to promote his career. I don’t think he believes all that craziness. He believes in promoting his career.

  2. Well, AmericanAngle, McCain says you shouldn’t be afraid of an Obama presidency, so perhaps you’ve just attended one too many Palin rallies.

  3. During the swearing in process of our troops, they swear to protect us from both foreign and domestic terrorists.
    Barack Obama is endeavoring to be the commander in chief and will not be able to make the same oath of the soldiers he is trying to lead. Shameful.

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