16 thoughts on “One day Obama didn't know about Ayers, the next day he thought Ayers was rehabilitated”

  1. McCain and Palin are definitely getting desperate Nick – I’m glad to see that they may in fact be toning down their rhetoric a bit.

  2. I’ve never been to college. I only have a high school education. I’ve been around rednecks all my life.
    Yes, let’s focus on something that matters. Something like the FACTS.
    Let’s talk about who was the first to stir up hatred, shall we? Jeremiah Wright?
    Let’s talk about who sat silent and would not distance himself from that hatred for 20 years. Barak Obama.
    And let’s not kid ourselves. That was NOT the first time he heard Wright give a sermon like that.
    The fact also is that these people shouting these remarks are Obama plants! They always manage to find themselves a reporter or a camera to stand close to while they stoke the fire. Hillary used this same tactic against Obama during the primaries.

  3. I’m sure as a college professor you have only ever been associated with fine upstanding people.
    For God’s sake give it up. If this guy was still a terrorist he should be in jail but no, he’s still teaching in college, just like you. I guess since you’re both college profs you must be a terrorist as well.
    Try focusing on something that matters – like the slanderous hate-filled campaign McCain and Palin are doing that is stirring up racial hatred. McCain had to defend Obama to McCain’s own supporters, while they booed him. You might think stirring up hatred is a noble Christian trait, I for one do not want a leader who gets into office by stirring up hatred.
    Did you hear what McCain said when someone said Obama was an Arab? He said, no, he’s a fine person and a good family man. As if Arabs aren’t good people and good fathers! What a racist! What a blatant racist.

  4. #6 Does Obama believe that a terrorist can be rehabilitated?
    Obviously, by his own admission, he believes that is possible
    So, under an Obama Presidency, will he institute a terrorist rehab program at the expense of taxpayers?

    Great question! I wish it would be posed to him during the next debate.

  5. #6 Does Obama believe that a terrorist can be rehabilitated?
    Obviously, by his own admission, he believes that is possible
    So, under an Obama Presidency, will he institute a terrorist rehab program at the expense of taxpayers?

  6. Wow, so now we need a few more answers from Obama.
    All of these questions are related to each other by the way.
    1. When and with who did he talk with that told him of Ayers past?
    2. When was it and who or what convinced him that Ayers was reformed?
    3. When was it and who or what convinced him that Ayers was NOT reformed?
    4. Now that he believes Ayers is not reformed, does he feel that Ayers still may present a threat to the U.S.?

  7. Lynn David
    He said he feels they did not do enough and he would not rule out doing it again. Sounds pretty unrepentant to me. But all of this is a red herring the real issue is why is the story constantly shifting?
    Why did he not offer this explenation when he was interviewed by O’Reily? Bill asked him several questions about this why is he just coming out with this claim now? His story is evolving, that is not a good sign folks. People who get caught in lies shift their explenation until they find one people will buy into.
    If this was true why did it not come out back in the Democratic primary? And why does he say “I thought he was rehabilitated” Does he now think he is not? If that is the case why does he keep characterizing his actions as despicable rather than telling us how he feels about Ayers character or lack of it.
    Someone should tell O about the problem with assumtions…

  8. Ah… of course, I simply assumed it was written this year. ‘Cause the way I remember her she sure didn’t look 20/21.
    I think Ayers played himself up to be more important than he was to the Weather underground. Others have differnt recollections. But I have no idea what was on those wire tap tapes. The only bomb I feel certain he had a part in was that which blew up the Haymarket Riot statue in 1969.
    It was such a different time. A young guy I knew came home from Nam hooked on heroin only to die of an overdose less than two months later. A cousin who went into Nam a hardened Army sergeant came back, changed. I was visiting with people who were against the war and those who were seeking CO status because of their Catholic religion. I knew a fellow who was not accorded CO status who then took off for Canada, he never came back even after the amnesty.
    Now none of that excuses Ayers. But I simply think he was a child of that era. If not him, then someone else, what happened was almost inevitable. As Ayers has said, “You could not be a moral person with the means to act, and stand still. … To stand still was to choose indifference. Indifference was the opposite of moral.” And he is not unrepentant. His mention of “no regrets” and that ‘he’d do it again’ were not in reference to any violence but in reference to opposition to the Vietnam War.
    Then again, times weren’t that much different. And I’m struck just how alike our entrances into Vietnam and Iraq were. Both were on hyped up charges, the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident” and WMDs. Both were on the precept of creating a democracy in the state. And hey, each time has its own civil rights struggle. Might be a good idea to get out of Iraq, such things can make for messy homefronts. But then the economic homefront has already been made messy…..

  9. Lynn David – So are you doubting what he himself said? And Bernadine Dohrn was 59 in 2001, when this article was written. So she is now 66ish.

  10. And how much of Ayers is bluster…. unless you want to believe the wire-taps.
    Dohrn is 59, so born 1948/49 or so. And in 1967 she had a law degree and met Ayers? At the age of 18/19 for Dohrn and 15/16 for Ayers? Someone is lying about their age. I was 15 in ’69 and Dohrn was a lot older than me when she protested against the trial of the Chicago 8, she wasn’t 20/21.
    You’re always trying to balance your understanding of who you are and what you need, and your longing and imaginings of freedom.” — Bernadine Dohrn

  11. It would be interesting to know or verify William Ayers’ and Jerimiah Wright’s position on Israel and if their position had or has any influence on Obama’s evasive answer during the debate.

  12. Or actually, that’s a lack of a trial. Ayers was never put on trial for anything people now accuse him of doing.

  13. How about both. He didn’t know when he went to Ayers house, learned of it there, and assumed he was rehabilitated. Or it is Obama’s campaign saying one thing, Obama actually saying the other.
    But then Ayers wasn’t rehabilitated. There was nothing to rehabilitate Ayers from, as he was never convicted of anything. So if Ayers is such a perceived evil on your part, why aren’t you bitching about his lack of a conviction?

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