Democratic Platform Committee member stumps for McCain in PA, MI

This October 7th article in the (Wilkes-Barre) Times-Leader follows up Shelly Mandell’s endorsement of McCain-Palin.

Dem group backing McCain
Prominent Hillary Clinton supporter helps open Democrats for McCain headquarters in Scranton.
SCRANTON – A major supporter of Hillary Clinton and member of the Democratic National Committee’s
Platform Committee, on Monday said the Democratic Party has nominated “the worst candidate” while
Republicans have nominated the best.
Lynn Forester de Rothschild helped open the Democrats for McCain headquarters on Main Avenue in West Scranton. About 30 supporters turned out to welcome de Rothschild and speak out for the Republican ticket.

Although I read the about the de Rothchild endorsement of McCain, I didn’t post about it at the time. What surprised me was this statement:

One organization – PUMA, which stands for Party Unity My Ass – has more than 5 million members across the country, she said. Jamie Brazil, a longtime friend of the Clintons and the Rodham family, is serving as national director of Citizens for McCain. Brazil accompanied de Rothschild on her Scranton visit.

Five. Million. Members.
Despite the size of this group and these high profile Clinton-Democratic defections, today’s Wall Street Journal minimizes this movement, even as it briefly mentions de Rothschild.
de Rothschild also spoke to veterans in Fenton, MI regarding her support for McCain. What is striking to me is where de Rothschild is going. These are small venues and small media markets, which indicates to me that her support is sincere and strong.

5 thoughts on “Democratic Platform Committee member stumps for McCain in PA, MI”

  1. WSJ probably minimizes the group because the claim of 5 million members is ridiculous. On August 17th, WSJ reported the group had 10,000 members.
    Likewise, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild has discredited herself and made her endorsement of McCain a joke by claiming she won’t vote for Obama because he’s “elitist.”

  2. Nick R,
    I would never believe anything politicians have to say one month before the elections. That might apply to supporters too, to some extent. The polls get better and better the closer you get to elections, though…

  3. Warren,
    The little credibility you had has been lost over the last few weeks. You’ve definitely come across as nothing but a partisan hack. All reason, logic, and commitment to objectivity have been thrown out the window the last few weeks. But hey, with politics the ends justifies the means doesn’t it?
    Tell me, how do you feel about stirring up bigotry and hatred against a presidential candidate? Palin’s speeches are inciting people to violent speech and threats (“kill him”, “treason”) and she doesn’t speak out against such speech, whether at that time or later. She just ignores it and continues her slander. (So Christian, unfortunately). This is so reminiscent of the right-wing preachers who speak slanderously of gays and then refuse to acknowledge that their speeches have incited others to violence, whether directly or indirectly. With the death of Matthew Shepard now 10 years ago this week, one would hope that right-wing “religious” leaders would pause to consider how their speeches incite others to violence. But no, they continue to slander, to lie, and to deceive. After all, the ends justifies the means – isn’t that in the Bible somewhere?
    You’ve lost the little credibility you have with your biased promotion of one political party over another. Let’s face it – they all lie, they all deceive. So when you only point out the follies of one party, you lose credibility.

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