CNN report on the Barack Obama – William Ayers relationship

As always, I am very interested in hearing from readers about why this does or doesn’t matter. The CNN report makes it clear that Obama wants to minimize the actual relationship. I think this mostly goes away if Obama said somthing like, I made a mistake in hitching my wagon to this guy and moved away from him when I realized what he did and what he stood for. However, as documented by this report, his campaign has fudged a bit on the extent of the connection. Roll the tape:

I think this information is relevant, not because I think Obama is a closet terrorist, but because an analysis of his record reveals something of his political philosophy now. Some of the people who advise him today are those who have advised him since those days (e.g., Penny Pritzker, who advises him on finance but also is on the board of the Chicago Public Education Fund. The CPEF is the successor to the Annenberg Challenge which was initiated by Bill Ayers and chaired by Obama). The Ayers connection does not mean Obama supports revolution but it might say something about the types of reforms and education policies he might promote as President.
UPDATE: The Obama campaign is now denying that Obama launched his political career in Ayers home. This may be parsing words (what does “begin” mean?). However, the CNN report places him there and indicates that witnesses characterized it as his “coming out party.”

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  1. I am really amazed how much character “doesn’t” matter anymore. For the last 5 – 7 years, all we have heard is how dishonest Bush is… “Bush lied, people died!” And yet, when obvious, blatant inconsistencies are reveal about what Obama says and what the truth actually is, we simply push it aside and make excuses for it.
    Here is another piece of information to simply “excuse away”… When Mr. Obama was running for the Senate, he promised to cut taxes as well. But, since he has been in the Senate, he has voted 94 times to increase taxes and hasn’t put forth any proposal to cut taxes.
    To continue to excuse the “rhetoric over substance” actually reveals more about “our” intellectual honesty than Baracks!
    Change we Need? SIMPLY HIP-PO-CRITICAL!

  2. Obama’s Rezko connection is much more damaging in my view. If I understand the story correctly, the Obamas made out like bandits from their shady deal. They made somewhere between $100,000-$1,000,000.
    He’ll still be a vast improvement over Bush/McCain, but disappointing nonetheless.

  3. I suppose if I was one of those gulilble, sub-100 IQ undecided voters who are rapidly eroding my faith in democracy, this story might alarm me. I might think Obama is a terrorist, or an unrepentant Communist. That is the target audience for this story.
    Does this story change my belief that the Republican foreign policy – and torture policy – over the past eight years has been a cruel disaster? No.
    Does it change my belief that Obama’s fiscal and tax policies are an improvement over McCain’s prescription for $700,000 tax-cuts for Wall Street bankers, and trillion dollar deficits courtesy of Bush as far as the eye can see? No.
    So I just don’t know what to do with story other than shake my head. /shakes head.

  4. Oh I forgive the man, for being an anti-american radical terrorist. But I still wont let him within 1000 yards of my children. And I’ll question the integrity of every single one of his “freinds”.
    Anyway, since you mentioned “repentance and forgiveness”, let me ask you: do you see any repentance here?

  5. Just because Todd Palin is not gay you think he is an animal.

    You have made assumptions about what I think for which you have no evidence. I do not think he is an animal – but it does say something about you that you assume I would think that about people with whom I disagree. And what does his being straight have to do with anything? You owe me an apology.
    Was Ayres a domestic terrorist when Obama served on an education committee with him, or had Ayres changed his ways by then? If the latter, then I find it repugnant that people claiming to be Christian hold this against Obama. Apparently, repentance and forgiveness are traits that conservative Christians demand but don’t give. Unfortunately, I’ve come to expect conservative Christians to act in ways opposite to how Jesus did. As a gay man, I’ve seen how “Christian” so-called Christians are and I assure you it’s disgraceful.

  6. I would suppose you get to working with someone who is very fired up about improving education such as Ayers and you don’t really know enough at the time to care what he might – or might not have – done in the past. Ayers was never convicted or even put on trial for anything, he admits that he was a member of the group and says he should have done more. But he might have been simply blowing hot air in that respect. But Ayers was well respected for his work to improve education. So this whole thing is a non-starter.

  7. I’ve long suspected the same Bob. Many nations appear to hate us, when in reality they merely envy us — as they always have. The only difference is, they no longer FEAR us. Not since Vietnam, Somalia, etc.
    John Wayne for President!

  8. @Nick.. look dude, Todd Palin does not hate this country.. he just doesn’t fit your way of thinking. Just because Todd Palin is not gay you think he is an animal. You need to get your head straight. I spend hours every day reading what people have to say about this country. All the libs want to change this country but they don’t want to fight for it. Doesn’t make sense to me. How long will you have a socialist regime if you cannot fight and protect it. Back to Warren’s interest in what people think about Barry and his terrorist ties. It is sickening. This country is in no position to have a far-left socialist at the helm. Hell, we got enough problems right now without Barry inviting the rest of the world in to rip us apart. America is great because of who we are and what we represent, that is Freedom. If you don’t like your freedom then by all means bring in the socialism. I have an International business. I am always curious why the Europeans hate us so much. I asked one of my French customers. This guy is smart and not a snob. You know what he said? “Bob, the French are just jealous. They are not a free people.”
    Bob Campbell

  9. Except that the husband isn’t at the top of the ticket and will be leading this country if elected. Trying to compare apples and oranges again.

  10. It’s about as important, if not less so, than a VP candidate whose husband belonged to a group wanting to secede from America. Seriously, what politician would want a VP whose husband hates America so much he doesn’t even want to be a part of the country?
    But on a more important matter, let’s not forget the 10 year anniversary of Matthew Shepard. Let’s not forget that how politicians treat the least of these is a true indication of their character. May politicians who deny the humanity and equality of gays never be elected.

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