Obama Junior Fraternity Regiment

I do not know if Obama knows about this or had anything to do with it, but I would like to find out.

This You Tube page has some information that I cannot verify at this time but you can read it there. This is the organization which the poster of the You Tube video says is responsible: URBAN COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP ACADEMY, 1524 PASEO BLVD, 18th & Vine District, Kansas City, MO.
And then there is this video making the rounds. I am a McCain supporter but my kids are not going to sing worship songs about him.
We’re gonna change the world…
UPDATE: The teacher responsible for this video has been located and suspended from his teaching job at the school listed above. More local coverage

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  1. Yeah, in case it wasn’t clear before guys, I apologize. I reacted the way I did because I thought Warren was reacting seriously to what I’d seen as a pretty stupid over-the-top video. I am crazy, but hopefully not as much as I sound in that original comment!

  2. No problem Kurtis…there are many versions out there using Movie Maker to splice in all sorts of things.
    Note that the school where the teacher worked has taken some action against the teacher but it is hard to tell whether it is because the school sees the issue or because they were found out.

  3. Hey guys, I saw this version of the video and wrongly assumed Warren was talking about the same thing. So cut me some slack! 🙂
    I still don’t understand the outrage, but I did see it in the context of hyperbole first.

  4. I’ll admit you see it on both sides; I apologize if it sounded like I stated otherwise. (Though some on the evangelical right did like standing up both 8 and 4 years ago and proclaiming they got Bush elected, so some think it happens more on one side than the other.) I had just read the Stanley Fish piece about Pastor’s sending copies of their sermons where they openly endorse McCain to the IRS in defiance of their tax-exempt restrictions which is why that was in my head. Obviously there are churches on both sides that do this, and many probably more openly than they should.
    As for the kids singing, though, I’m still bothered by your “worship music about [Obama]” statement. Kids sing all kinds of stuff (with varying degrees of musical accuracy) at concerts and at the end parents all stand up an applaud. You can make anything creepy by cutting in Nazi and North Korea clips into it.

  5. Kurtis – As for McCain in worship services (which you won’t be seeing anywhere I attend), that would be about what is happening (but for Obama) in more liberal churches all over (Bill Clinton, in particular, was a beneficiary of that and i assume Obama will be as well). I don’t think it is a good thing but I would not have the same reaction as I have to the videos of teens and young children paying worship to Obama. If McCain was at the center of something like that, I would be just as creeped out and I suspect the McCain campaign would distance itself from it. The Venice CA video of little kids was on the Obama website for a time.

  6. That was kinda funny.
    Wait, people take it seriously?
    I’m sure that the other side has never put together anything so full of crazy imagery and false propaganda.
    Oh wait…. I think exhorting to “vote McCain” in the middle of a Sunday morning worship service context would count. Stanley Fish has an op-ed in the NYT today about the cases likely to be brought to the Supreme Court soon about just such issues.
    Obviously, the people doing both are seriously muddled and disturbed. We do ourselves an injustice when we give air (or bandwidth) to their causes.

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