5 thoughts on “Does the "McCain is right" ad help McCain with undecided voters?”

  1. IMO, the clips highlight Obama’s pragmatic intellect, his ability to acknowledge other points of view.
    IMO, the ad is deceptive as Obama goes on to say – “yes, on paper corporate taxes are high, but the tax code is riddled with loopholes that means they pay less than their fair share”.
    A lackluster ad imo, but who knows, it could be effective on the “undecided”. /shrug

  2. It’s the regular old condescending BS that the republicans put out. Candidates are likely to agree on many things, most all American politicians are in the authoritarian-right and so are both McCain and Obama (it takes a Kucinich to get to the libertarian-left). All this does is highlight the middle ground they both hold, not whether any one candidate is more qualified to lead.
    That was a lousy clip of McCain they used at the first, it reminded people of how he didn’t care to look at Obama, didn’t look up during the debate (which made him look as if he had something to hide), and the utter contempt he seemed to have for Obama. Which contempt this add seems to further consider and without basis. That more than anything makes it a negative add turning off people against McCain. It’s a lousy advert, perhaps his committee is now trying to throw the campaign as an expression of their own utter disgust for the selection of Governor Sarah Palin as the VP running mate.
    Works for me!!
    BTW…. my favorite atheist blogger, PZ Myers, has a perhaps-practical way to fund a bailout and even lower our national debt, see: “We’re all going to be rich!

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