Economic rescue plan news: Details emerging

You’re probably not reading here if you want current news regarding the historic meeting between Obama, McCain, Bush and Congressional leaders, but since you are here, check out these links for sites that are monitoring the developments.
National Review – Larry Kudlow
Meanwhile, economiic numbers out today smell like recession
Bush says the meeting going on now is designed to gain consensus regarding the rescue plan…

One thought on “Economic rescue plan news: Details emerging”

  1. I pray this so called “bailout” plan fails.
    The economy is going in the tank either way. This bailout plan does nothing but pay off the debts of crooked banks. It will not save the U.S. economy.
    When home prices stabilize, businesses stop failing, bankrupcies subside banks will loosen up. Until then banks won’t be loaning money with or without a “bailout” plan.

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