4 thoughts on “Sarah Palin ABC News interview – Open Forum”

  1. I believe that Palin did slip up in her interview, BUT she is NORMAL, someone who hasn’t been placed in the public eye for long so give her a break! I mean seriously she is standing strong I believe and it shows alot for her when she can take all this and still back a great, experienced man such as McCain! She is just going for VP look at Obama, he has only been in the Senate for 2 years,18 months of which he was campaigning and he wants to be our PRESIDENT…
    Mccain does have the experience it takes and he is not a one sided republican, by that I mean he goes with ideas he believes are best for our country inspite of the party pulling for them!
    Palin gets people with large families, children with disabilities, teen mothers and you may look at these things as a negative but step back and look at your own family—— THIS IS REAL!

  2. Is it too late for Obama to get a running mate (female) that can wear Lipstick (believeably)? Clinton and McClain would be a good match! But alas, too late.

  3. When do we get back to McCain and Obama?

    as soon as Sarah looses her appeal which is not going to happen any time soon
    McCain/Palin ’08

  4. If you liked her before the interview, you probably still like her. If you didn’t like her, you may have a few more reasons.
    I doubt this changes much. When do we get back to McCain and Obama?

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