2 thoughts on “Palin rumors: A growing list”

  1. Who did she tax?
    Can’t have it both ways. Either she is a pawn of the oil companies as the Obama camp says or she isn’t. In AK, they do not see it as the Obama campaign portrays it.
    I follow your point however, and do not think she is perfect. I do think the reporting on her actions has been sloppy and amateurish. If I can get more information from my college office than the WaPo then something is wrong in DC.

  2. From the Juneau Empire: Immediately after Palin’s nomination, Fox News reported that Palin had “reformed” state taxes as well as spending, stances likely to boost Palin’s stature among Republicans who might think “reformed” meant “lowered.”
    In Alaska, that reform meant dramatically raising oil taxes over the bitter opposition of top legislative leaders, radio talk show hosts and bloggers allied with the oil industry.
    That tax increase enabled the state to boost spending as well, as state budgets have taken dramatic, and according to some fiscal conservatives on the left and right, unsustainable increases.

    Wow…. she is actually the tax and spend liberal she accuses Obama of being.
    And does that mean you can’t trust FOX News not to “color” their reporting?

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