Trooper at heart of Alaska investigation says Palin "wonderful" choice

A couple of hours ago,CNN posted an interview with Mike Wooten, Sarah Palin’s ex-brother-in-law where he said McCain’s choice of Palin as running mate was “absolutely wonderful for the state of Alaska.” The crux of the interview was that Wooten denies drinking in a patrol car and says he is sorry for the mistakes he admits he did make. According to CNN,

In 2006, state investigators found Wooten guilty of “a significant pattern of judgment failures,” including using a Taser on his 10-year-old stepson and drinking beer while operating a state trooper vehicle. Wooten was suspended for 10 days as “a last chance to take corrective action.”

An investigation is being conducted to determine whether Palin’s office pushed for Wooten to be fired. An additional question is whether she fired Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan for refusing to remove Wooten from the patrol.
As I watch the video, I wonder why Monegan did not fire Mr. Wooten or at least provide more time off than Mr. Wooten received (5 days).

It appears that concerns regarding Mr. Wooten were well founded.

3 thoughts on “Trooper at heart of Alaska investigation says Palin "wonderful" choice”

  1. Warren said:
    It appears that concerns regarding Mr. Wooten were well founded.
    And you think it is just a coincidence that the governor’s office started taking an interest in Wooten after he became embroiled in a custody dispute with Palin’s sister? If not, do you have any concerns about that?

  2. That is because she doesn’t support that or at least I have seen nothing that supports that contention.
    RE: feeds – My webguy is looking into it. Thanks for pointing it out…

  3. And yet no answers to my concerns about Palin likely to support giving away our federal lands in Alaska.
    Well back to Successful Farming for me…. did you figure out why your feeds seem to be corrupted?

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