News coverage of the APA Mental Health and Abortion Task Force report

I have several posts about the APA task force report and will have more to come. I have been following this story since late 2005, when David Fergusson’s research finding a link between abortion and negative outcomes first hit the landscape. I have written four op-eds about the matter and will have a couple more at least. This is an intriguing study in how the APA makes policy. For myself as well as for readers who are keeping up with the issue here, I am posting links to various media reports relating to the task force report:
Study Fails to Find Link On Abortion, Mental Health – Wall Street Journal
No link between abortion and mental health – UPI
One abortion no threat to mental health: group – Reuters
One abortion no threat to mental health: panel – MSNBC
National briefing – New York Times
And then read this article by abortion researcher Priscilla Coleman regarding the report…

3 thoughts on “News coverage of the APA Mental Health and Abortion Task Force report”

  1. Oh Boy! Thanks Health Specialist.
    Since I believe in making choices – I’m all for informed decision making.
    Yeah, I’m filthy. Thank you for adding to someone’s angst. Guess, you really have never been in the trenches of real lives. People deserve more grace than what you have just shown.
    Thanks for this information. Great research for future points of discussion on how the APA make guidelines, rules, decisions, policy etc…

  2. Abortion should be banned unless for medical reasons. Youngsters are making it a reason for their filthy behaviours and finally end up with abortion. Its time we set rules.

  3. Amazing. APA the professional end all and be all of mental health – Does not surprise me that someone in that organization was hiding or not disclosing all information. Was it from laziness, questionable motives for a bias, or some thing else? Whatever? The research should have been noted.

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