More new directions from New Directions

Ah, so many word plays…
Won’t be blogging much this week, but some posts will appear by the magic of delayed publication. Here is a bit of a follow up to the post from College Jay. Wendy Gritter over at New Directions is asking some good Qs, so chime in here or there or both.

One thought on “More new directions from New Directions”

  1. “But it does mean we humbly let God sit on the throne – not us.”..
    What better way to approach life than to have someone besides yourself at the center of purpose. I think that same gender attraction often goes along with narcissistic mentality (for me anyway) to the point where you love yourself and forget about your neighbor (or your marriage, God or anything besides yourself). Breaking that cycle and putting relationships (especially with God) before all things will prove to be the most challenging and also the most rewarding process to go through. I have just started this process and although difficult, i know that this is what will free me from lust, pain, fear and other difficult feelings to give me a new perspective on life in general.

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