4 thoughts on “Let's take a vote: Is this worth your money?”

  1. Yikes – I hate to admit it but is IS goofy. Not sure that I would vote NO though. I’m sure that doesn’t surprise anyone 🙂 I CAN think of a thousand other things my money not be spent on though. I’m sure, in the scheme of things, this probably cost me all of 10 cents. Not real worried about that amount.

  2. I like the ad campaign. I’ve seen the ads in our local papers (I live in the Columbia/Willamette) and have been intrigued. Although the campaign’s graphics and media may seem a little over done, I think they are effective in getting attention (i.e. “Be the smartest person in bed.”)
    I watched the skits. Most were funny although a little long. I’m not sure what the big deal is. Abstinence is even promoted and abortion is not even mentioned, so I’m not sure what is supposedly controversial about the ads. I would hope your critique would be a little more specific than “goofy”.
    What’s more disturbing is that the pro-life website you linked to is trying to claim one of the skits were racists because one actor was African-American performing a same-sex sexual act. I have to wonder if a group other than PP produced the ads would pro-life activists even bother trying to attact the ad campaign.

  3. I’m assuming the target group is teenagers???
    Hate to say it – but I’d give it a yes. Dorky enough to get teenagers to look and laugh – and that’s enough to get the message out about STD’s and other misconceptions about sex.
    Although, I disagree with the premises.

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