Kern packs a hot lunch

Why would you need a gun in your legislative office?
Oh, now I get it…

OKLAHOMA CITY – Outspoken state Rep. Sally Kern was turned back by security Wednesday morning when she arrived at the Capitol carrying a pistol in her purse.
Kern, R-Oklahoma City, was nearly as surprised as security when a camera spotted the small handgun when her purse rolled through the camera-equipped conveyer.
The lawmaker, who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, said she routinely removes it before entering the Capitol, but just forgot this time.
Kern said she asked security if she “could put the gun up.” She returned to her vehicle, left the weapon there, and returned to the Capitol for a meeting.
The lawmaker was not arrested.
Department of Public Safety spokesman Chris West said, “We tell security to use their heads,” and assess this kind of situation before taking action.

12 thoughts on “Kern packs a hot lunch”

  1. I think Pete LaBarbera doth protest too much, if you know what I mean. All those “information-gathering” forays into the depths of depravity, with pictures, too. I’m beginning to get the idea that he’s found his dream job.

  2. Yeah, Warren, Why do you feel such a need to try and make a fool out of a decent Christian WOMAN? She seems to perfectly capable of doing that all by herself.

  3. I have been getting off blog emails in addition to the comments here. I have moderated some comments because they attack one side or another in anger.
    Those who do comment, please recognize that I have no need to attack back.

  4. Well, people in those kinds of positions often carry concealed weapons. She may have had the license long before her “episode.” And then think of this – she’s not a dumb lady. Why did she allow that gun to go through security and be caught. That’s not the kind of mistake you make unless you are trying to send a message – (without putting it in the media yourself)
    Those who think this is all about them might be surprised to know that those in the public eye get many kinds of threats from a variety of people.
    Somehow Kern , gun, must have something to do with gays – isn’t totally sitting well with me. I suspect it is more than that.
    But think of this – what if this is a response to a gay person. Did they say or do something that caused this woman to be granted that right to conceal a weapon (pretty strict rules on that – must prove danger, threat etc…) Kind of makes me go hmmmmm? So if this is a gay issue – I guess we can say that not all gay people are loving, kind and tolerant of those with opposing views??
    Gate swings both ways.

  5. You can call both me and Warren a variety of things. But I don’t think many folks on either side of this so-called culture war would brand either of us with a “cheap shooters” label. Leave it to Pete to do so.

  6. Warren,
    I just love how a simple cut and paste of a news story means that you are “taking cheap shots” and “joining homosexual activists in unfairly attacking Kern and her motives”.
    To people like Peter LaBarbera, showing even slight skepticism about whether all gay people are really vile, militant, promiscuous, anti-American, God-hating, pedephiles means that you have adopted the “homosexual agenda”.

  7. Sonja

    Why would she want to carry a pistol? Ask your “tolerant” homosexual, bisexual, and transgender pals.

    Oh my goodness. I’m hoping that you aren’t implying that Sally has to carry a gun in case she gets the chance to shoot a homosexual, bisexual, or transgender person out of retaliation for a “vulgar and profane” email.
    I think I should avoid Oklahoma.

  8. The whole thing seemed strange in a somewhat humorous kind of way. There is security in the rotunda and office suite and yet she is packing heat. Seems like she is pretty safe there.
    Just wondering.
    Sonja – And for exercising my first amendment rights to call them as I see them, you folks are exercising your first amendment to blast me.
    I love this country.

  9. As a side note, it’s nice to know that Pete is reading your site instead of trolling the internet for gay porn to post on his own site.
    Maybe he’ll learn something.

  10. See now you’ve done it Warren, you’ve angered Peter LaBarbera for pointing out the simple truth that Sally did something illegal.
    Why must you bash this mostly law abiding woman

  11. What’s your point, Warren? Are you unfamiliar with the second amendment? Did you ask her what happened? She has a concealed carry license, so it’s legal for her to carry a gun. She merely forgot to remove it from her bag, as is her habit. She’s not the first/only government official to do so.
    The real question might be Why do you feel such a need to try and make a fool out of a decent Christian WOMAN? Not so gentlemanly, Warren, or Christ-like…
    Why would she want to carry a pistol? Ask your “tolerant” homosexual, bisexual, and transgender pals. Or are you forgetting that this a woman who received THOUSANDS of e-mails, many vulgar and profane, some intimidating/with veiled threats, from homosexuals after exercising her first amendment rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion.,2933,338271,00.html

  12. She may be packing a hot lunch, but the electorate, whose collective intellect wouldn’t light a 15-watt light bulb, and who sent her there in the first place, needs to SEND HER PACKING! No more state-supported, gun-toting picnics for Sally. Get rid of her ASAP!

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