Exodus makes new policy statement regarding holding therapy and IHF

Recently, questions have been raised on various blogs about connections between Exodus International and Richard Cohen. Initially,Exgaywatch noted that a statement regarding distance from Mr. Cohen’s methods had been removed from their website and that Janelle Hallman, on the Exodus Speaker’s Bureau, recommends the International Healing Foundation on her website. Then XGW received a statement from Hilde Wiemann, saying that Mr. Cohen and the leadership of Exodus had met and made peace.
In response to my inquiry, today, Alan Chambers, Executive Director of Exodus, alerted me that a revised policy statement has been posted on the organization’s website. It reads:

Holding/Touch Therapy
Exodus International is opposed to the therapeutic practice commonly referred to as “holding/touch therapy” as a healing exercise for those with same-sex attraction distress. Accordingly, Exodus does not endorse the work of Richard Cohen, the methods utilized by the International Healing Foundation or any other individual or organization that is known to use that method.

The former statement is here and was made in light of television appearances of Mr. Cohen demonstrating his work.
Via this broader statement, the policy regarding holding/touch therapy could probably be applied to such groups as Journey into Manhood and the Mankind Project, where various processes involve paternalistic holding/cuddling of clients.

3 thoughts on “Exodus makes new policy statement regarding holding therapy and IHF”

  1. Jayhuck: They are so eager to find folk who agree that gayness can and should be changed that they will take just about anyone (only to disavow them later) — folks who call the spirits and folks who cast them out of anuses. Folks who scream at their mothers, cuddle their clients and beat sofas with tennis rackets. Folks who believe that gays lead “parasitic” lives.
    Nicolosi and NARTH. Focus on the Family. The Arlington Group. Legislators who say we are worse than terrorists. Ultra-ring poltical extremists, etc.. Quacks, weirdos and wackos. This has always been the case. Sloppiness and damage control, sloppiness and damage control. I have been watching for years and nothing really changes.

  2. LOL – I wonder how many more years it will be before they distance themselves from their other sketchy connections.

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