More Evangelicals for Obama chatter

I have talked about Kirbyjohn Caldwell here before. He endorsed Obama and then it was learned he has an ex-gay ministry in his church. He promptly threw them under the bus. He is now launching a website called, to rebut yesterday’s statements from Dr. Dobson.
Obama supporters may believe Dobson is taking on Obama to help McCain but that is the confusing part of this for me. Dobson has said he will not vote for McCain. So a pox on both your houses?
Problem, one house will win and there will be consequences.
One thing is for sure, Obama’s Evangelical supporters are not coy about their support.

2 thoughts on “More Evangelicals for Obama chatter”

  1. There is only one thing worse than mixing religion with politics. That’s mixing religion, politics, and mental health care.
    The historical record has shown that when God is on your side, any opposition is either evil or insanity, and no enormity too cruel if it’s in a good enough cause.
    Sorry, I’ve just been battling a particularly noxious brand of Evangelical faux-Christian recently.
    “Americans Face Energy Crisis While House Of Representatives Holds A She-Male Hearing!” as the Traditional Values Coalition has it now.
    “Americans face rising gasoline prices; and brave American soldiers are being killed on the battlefield to fight Islamic terrorism – while U.S. Rep. Robert Andrews (D-NJ) holds a hearing today on “discrimination” against drag queens and she-males in the workplace.”
    It’s not the difference in opinion, it’s the malice, the hypocrisy, and the shameless bearing of false witness that I find difficult to comprehend.

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