An update

Last week, I posted a link to a website purporting to offer a pastoral counseling certificate which would allow the recipient to circumvent state licensing laws.
The image above is what it looked like prior to the post. Click on the link to see it now. Replacing the testimonials about making money doing counseling is a rambling essay called “What is a pastoral counselor?” There are no links to send in money, no glowing reports of life change via getting a certificate from Phoenix State University. However, if you go to the PSU site, you still can become certified in a variety of fields from gunsmithing to gemology, and still including pastoral counseling.
I have received a couple of emails back from the registrant ([email protected]). One said Tom Halstead had “passed away.” I hope that is not true but if there really is a Tom Halstead out there, someone is changing up your websites…

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  1. Here is an autoreply:

    Thanks for emailing! As a value added reseller, large LE distributor, and exclusive JV partner with PSU, ETI is dedicated to customer service. However, since PSU is a university, we are still training them that waiting outside a professor’s office or in line is NOT good service in the business world even if it is cool in education. Sometimes we have to get a response from them before replying to you in person, which can take a little extra time. Sometimes your box is full, or a course went into spam. Sometimes a download didn’t work, but you WILL get a manual email course if that happened. Sometimes folks don’t realize you have an OLD Paypal account, and we responded to that address, your spouse’s or friend’s address, etc. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU AND WILL GET BACK TO YOU! If your email is not working, we’ll mail you! If you got a certificate and still have materials or exams to send in, NO WORRIES, your validation/ transcript will become active as soon as your exam is sent in. We DO NOT want to delay your cert at PSU, so we ask them to send contingent on your exam if you are applying for a license. IF YOU SENT IN AN EXAM AND HAVEN’T HEARD BACK YET, IT IS STILL BEING GRADED AT PSU. THANKS for your patience, this notice means your email WAS RECEIVED and will be answered when we hear back from PSU. IF you have a question about a course, visit the FAQ on the course page, BUT WE WILL STILL answer you personally. Due to the election year, thousands of dealers are at risk, and we are dedicated to supporting you before the new regs kick in! If you didn’t email about any of this, and we really did win the Nigerian lottery, we’ll send you all our personal banking info right away. ;=)
    — YOUR ETI/PSU Team

  2. Warren said:
    I have received a couple of emails back from the registrant ([email protected]). One said Tom Halstead had “passed away.”
    What did the other e-mails have to say? Did they indicate who is in charge of the websites now? If not, you might want to ask again. If you don’t get a response I would recommend forwarding the e-mail saying Tom Halstead was dead to the registrar, Network Solutions ( and warn them that someone may have stolen his domains.

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