WorldNetDaily. Golden Rule Pledge. Day of Silence.

I couldn’t think of a good title for this one so I just assembled the players, so to speak.
Check out this Worldnetdaily article banging away at the Day of Silence and then scroll about half way down the page and check out the “popular poster used to promote the Day of Silence.”
I was saddened to see that Linda Harvey believes her efforts were successful. But I had to smile a bit to think that the Golden Rule Pledge card was considered a promotion for the DOS.
Maybe next year we’ll have t-shirts…

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  1. I now consider it an important thing given that many on the right do not believe such behavior occurs.

    I’m afraid to say that a substantial proportion believe it, and thoroughly approve of it. Only a few have the honesty to say so though.
    Most on the right know of it, and disapprove of it. A substantial majority of those can “understand how it can happen” though.
    Some of the right, well, there’s none so blind as those who will not see. They see themselves as victims of liberal persecution (with some justice) and such bullying doesn’t fit their world-view. So it must be a lie.
    And a few think that it’s a good thing, and if they had their way, would want more violence, not less, to prove their piety. Yet even they don’t say so in public, not usually.
    Tell me I’m wrong.
    It’s all so very, very human. Very few of even the most violent are monsters, just… misled. Most are reachable. We have to believe that, you and I, don’t we?
    Now If I was to do a similar taxonomy of Gay Activists, I’d be here all day. There’s the lustful, the spiteful, the deceitful, the vain, the majority who are just plain damaged and fearful as a kicked pup or a battered spouse, the professional stirrers who have found this the new cause du jour … as I said, I could be here all day.
    The thing is… the majority of those involved in the DOS, the great bulk, are not gay. They don’t even understand gays. But they do understand injustice when they see it. I think this generation is better than ours. Better than mine, anyway, and we weren’t so bad, really.

  2. Warren, where is my commentary? What are you afraid of? It is amazing how you wanted to publicize Noe’s story when it benefited you. Why don’t you publicize it now. because you are a hypocrite. We both know who who you are and what you are about.

  3. Warren,
    How can they doubt it exists, when in California, one of the most liberal states, we have a kid shot dead in school because he is gay?
    I was brutalized nearly daily in highschool. You know that gag in teen comedies, where the kid gets shoved/locked in a locker? I actually had that done to me, several times. I was even assaulted one time, lifted up and thrown down head first into the concrete like some sort of professional wrestling stunt. I don’t have any memories until I woke up in the hospital about an hour later on the CAT scan bed. I had some kids try to light my hair on fire, because I was ‘flaming’ haha, very funny. They were all expelled of course, but there is more than bullying involved. There’s a difference between teenage teasing, and assault and battery.
    This all was less than a decade ago, and according to my youngest brother who just graduated from the same school it is the same if not worse than when I graduated.

  4. Fitz – If there was a systemic disregard for those groups I do the same thing. In fact, this is just one thing I do on the anti-bullying front but I now consider it an important thing given that many on the right do not believe such behavior occurs.

  5. I’m against beating one’s wife & against beating up kids who are overweight.
    To politicize a day in school “against” these acts is to reaffirm that there is something controversial about being against violence.
    Tis better to treat people to abhor violence of any kind and treat people with respect in general.
    By singling out anti-gay violence you are making what should be a non-issue into a political front for the homosexual community.

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