Golden Rule Pledge on the Bilerico Project

Bil Browning, majordomo at the Bilerico Project, asked me to provide a post regarding the background of the Golden Rule Pledge. The article was posted May 16 and includes a statement from Eliza Byard at GLSEN regarding the project.
You can also subscribe to a Yahoo email group about the Golden Rule Pledge that will become more active toward the beginning of the next school year.

2 thoughts on “Golden Rule Pledge on the Bilerico Project”

  1. Thanks Zoe and I appreciate your objective review of what I am trying to do.
    I also am glad for Bil Browning’s openness. He was originally negative on the GRP but was willing to give it another look.

  2. I’m sorry your post was greeted with some bitterness.
    It’s all too human, I’m afraid, and I can’t in all sincerity criticise those who poured scorn on you too harshly. They’ve been damaged, and it hurts. I’m just sorry that they blamed the blameless for that, those who are trying to act in Charity.
    We all have a lot of forgiving to do. I’d forgive you, except I can’t think of anything that merits forgiveness, you’ve done nothing wrong, and much right.
    Thanks for contributing to the discussion there. You reached more people than you think.
    Best wishes, Zoe

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