Was an Arkansas waitress fired for supporting Hillary Clinton?

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I got a call from a friend of the person who is the subject of this post. Micah Qualls is a praise singer, and former waitress at an airport in Little Rock. Seems Ms. Qualls, while on break, held up a Clinton for prez sign when John McCain flew into the airport where Ms. Qualls was a waitress at the airport restaurant. For her advocacy, she was fired. I would normally not post on the firing of a waitress in Little Rock (Grove City maybe, but nowhere in Arkansas) but this one interested me because of the detail reported by blogger, Max Brantley, as well as the possible role (?) of former Republican prez candidate, Mike Huckabee.

The tipster says the footage which about to be aired will shed a different light on some of the accounts reported in the blog. Well, you heard it here second…

One thought on “Was an Arkansas waitress fired for supporting Hillary Clinton?”

  1. If she was wearing a uniform that identified her as an employee of the restaurant, the owner has the right to disassociate his business from her protest. When you are wearing a uniform you are the image of your company. No one knows your name so they associate your message with your employer.

    This is similar, I think, to when Matt Barber (currently a Concerned Woman) wrote an anti-gay screed and used the prestige of Allstate Insurance, his employer to give him credibility. Allstate wasn’t happy with that and let him go.

    If you don’t have your employer’s permission, don’t make political statements using their image or their name.

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