“Tucker letter” to Sally Kern ignites bloggers

Check out this letter ostensibly from a young man named Tucker to OK state Rep. Sally Kern . Rep. Kern recently has been the subject of much controversy over her statements to a Republican group where she said gays have shorter life spans, could be responsible for the demise of our society if homosexuality was accepted and are a worse threat to the nation than terrorism. I have refrained from getting into the whole thing but I do think Rep. Kern needs help with facts, tact and her sense of perspective. The terrorism remarks are especially offensive on so many levels, but were repeated on a taped program for the Concerned Women for America. I wrote her late last week with no response, which I suspect is a common experience for many who have written. Today, a large protest took place at the state capitol.

This story may continue to have legs for awhile, in part since Rep. Kerns has not moved away from her remarks and since her curious reasoning hits so close to home for those who have no connection to homosexuality but do to terrorism. I cannot help but think of the current book, unChristian and the clear finding that young people believe the conservative church is anti-gay. The Kern controversy provides an exclamation point to this finding.

In the midst of the protests and defensive rebuttals, the Tucker letter has emerged. The letter is making the rounds on the blogs but has not been verified as authentic. You wouldn’t know that by reading blogs however. You can also read the letter here at Citizen Crain, who also has what appears to be the most up-to-date information on the matter. My contribution today is this – according to Equality Florida PR rep, Brian Winfield, the letter still has not been verified, although he has been told that Ellen DeGeneres has been in touch with him to appear on her show.

Whether true or not, I am interested in the issues the letter raises. We can use this post to discuss the Kern controversy as a whole. I am interested to hear from a variety of perspective on this and I suspect some social conservatives will take exception to my critical stance. 

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  1. No problem, Pam. I am glad you corrected that so soon. I was set to research that and you saved me some time.

    Zoe – You are correct, that line of thinking gets us into trouble very quickly. I think Kern gets the attention since she is first in the news but the idea that a group pushing for their agenda will somehow justify retribution is wrong.

  2. Yikes! I just realised I gave some misinformation up there..

    It’s not Kern who succeeded the husband as rep……it was another guy, Dank, who succeeded his wife….and his district is also right in the middle of the gay district and he’s staunchly Republican.

    The thing ot take from all of that…or that I take from all of it, is that OKC is a really diverse place with folks literally living side-by-side who are polar opposite in viewpoint. I’m sure that’s probably true anywhere…but the lines seem to be pretty distinct up there.

    I’m sorry for veering so far off-point Warren. I just felt strongly that I needed to correct what I’d said up there.

  3. Here’s a recent quote from another politician.

    Just Out: What is your reaction to the recent murders of out gay youth in Florida and California?

    Oregon State Senator Gary George (R): Obviously murder is murder, there’s no excuse for that. Here’s what I’m saying, I think we’re seeing a backlash, in other words if you push me too hard don’t be surprised if I react. Gays will tend to react violently if people are oppressive toward them. If gays are oppressive toward straights, then you’ll see a violent backlash.

    They’re getting more daring. Bolder.

    Imagine if a state senator had said after a lynching of some black children:

    I think we’re seeing a backlash, in other words if you push me too hard don’t be surprised if I react.. Blacks will tend to react violently if people are oppressive toward them. If blacks are oppressive toward whites, then you’ll see a violent backlash.

    We have to stop this. We have to make sure that Churches take a strong line against it. Out of fear of condoning sin, they’re not. Well, we can see where that is leading.

  4. Her constituents know/knew for the most part. The thing is…OKC is this humongous place as far as square miles….so there are numerous districts within the city itself. Her district butts right up to the district which is represented by an openly gay, Democrat (duh) 🙂 rep. But yeah….it’s not the basic sentiment so much that’s so astonishing coming from her (oh…btw…her husband had that district for 12 years and she came in unopposed after he’d run his term limits)….it’s the slanderous way she presents her anti-gay bias…….she got a standing ovation from the republican caucus on the Monday morning after her diatribe…

  5. She has every right to speak her opinion. And the citizens have every right to vote for another citizen to speak for them. (If that’s what they want)

    Also, were her opinions known by her constituents before taking office?? If not, and her vote sways the passing or not passing of a sensitive bill or measure that would effect the GLBT community, then her vote needs to be null and void. And that legislation needs to go back to the floor.

  6. i’m thinking about moving up there and running for that spot.


    I’ve been fortunate enough to get alot of the inside scuttlebut on this since my cousin is a Democrat in the house with Kern. Can’t share any of it…or he’d disown me…


    it’s been crazy up there, let me tell ya!

  7. The woman made comments without consideration for those who have suffered at the hands of homegrown terrorists – the bloods, the crypts, the MLDS (I think that’s who they are), the white spupremists, christian fundamentalists who have vigiliantly acted on their own accord to disperse judgment on gays and “penalty” on gays in our cities, towns, schools, churches etc…

    This woman does not represent my christian heritage nor values nor understanding of Christ. Nor does she represent my patriotism for freedom, choice, equality and stability.

    In many ways she is the un-american, the un-christian, and hopefully soon to be the un-elected “public servant”.

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