New blog format: What about it?

Weboverlord Paul and I are experimenting with new formats and here is one I want to test out for a spell. The colors are not much different but I think I like the two column format. We are considering a science digest in a blog format where various writers could post science news of relevance to sexuality and mental health issues.

I welcome comments…

18 thoughts on “New blog format: What about it?”

  1. Ann you are correct. Byron, I guess Paul is not Weboverlord after all. It is written, thou canst not be a weboverlord with a capital A.

  2. It’s so much better now with bigger font size for messages! It was a strain to the eye compared to the former layout.

    Very interesting that you included “culture” in the slogan too.

  3. Thanks, Ken. I tried that but it makes all fonts bigger, even those that already are big enough (it makes them too big). Thanks, though.

  4. sorry, it should be CTRL+ and CTRL- the last post ate the CTRLs because I tried to get to fancy with the posting.

  5. Another difference I just noticed is you don’t have comment numbers any more. Those where convenient to reference where you were quoting from (although not many people did that).

    As far as smaller fonts, if you are using Firefox as your browser, you can increase the font size with + (- decreases).

  6. Not bad.. It’s better with tabs and two columns on the sides. Font size is smaller, which makes it more difficult to read than the former layout, that’s one minus I can see here. I’m looking forward to seeing the scientific review section. A section dedicated to online resources for fast reference would be a good idea. This blog debates very hot issues and people have to wade through tons of pages to find some particular references to important research.

  7. Oh yeah, and i’ve heard anecdotally that search engines love the word “blog.” If that ends up in your title or H1 search engines give you a bump.

  8. “Another little corner of the web where I am collecting thoughts and links and the comments of those who visit”

    From a marketing standpoint I’d insert some keywords in that sentence like “homosexuality” “sexuality” and stuff like that. Also make it an H1 tag because search engines view that as important. Get some of those same keywords in your Title tag as well. Google will rank you much higher and you’ll get extra traffic.

    My 2 cents

  9. I liked the blue highlighting (there was a intermediate state with no red).

    I think it would be better to switch the blue and red in the current state (as of 11:30)

    So the links in the sidebars are BLUE and the links in the posts are RED.

  10. Jim – We have the editing and preview features; are they not showing up for you?

    Ken – I am not sure I want to stay with red either; Paul if you are reading, can you restore the date of the last comment thing? I like that too.

  11. I liked the old format. Don’t care much for this color scheme, too much red. also, in the “Recently commented” section you no longer have the date of the last comment. That was very helpful in determining if a topic has been updated or not.

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