Romney to suspend campaign, CNN reports

CNN is reporting that Mitt Romney will suspend his campaign in response to lackluster performance on Super Duper Tuesday. It is pure speculation on my part but I wonder if he is in the market for the VP job. Either he or Huckabee on the ticket would address vocal conservative opponents of front runner, John McCain.

Suspending a campaign means he keeps his delegates but will not actively campaign. Read: He keeps his options open.

Later today, I hope to post some additional observations about the Tueday comments of James Dobson on the McCain surge. For now, let me say that I signed a petition on Tuesday to get John McCain on the PA primary ballot and I plan to vote in November. 

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  1. Ann,

    There isn’t a politician out there who has ever been consistent – don’t blame inconsistency on Hillary when its almost built into the system.

  2. Is it just me or she seems to show signs of fatigue?


    That’s what happens when she has to constantly remember what she said and to which group because it is never consistant. It can get wary 🙂

  3. Well, Drowssap, as far as I can see from the distance, none of them has all the qualities that make one the best candidate. But one can still choose according to his/her preferred combination of qualities and/or political allegiance.

    -Obama seems to be the fittest to sustain some serious effort, but I don’t have many clues as to his political management and negociating skills. He knows how to motivate people, though. And is quick on the uptake, as far as I could see from a couple of debates. He also evolved quite rapidly, which exposes him to some scrutiny for which he may not be prepared.

    -Clinton knows how to play mainstream politics, she is quite shrewd politically, but again, I haven’t heard of any leadership experience, but she already has a political record and a national brand. Is it just me or she seems to show signs of fatigue?

    -I watched McCain and he appears to be the most straightforward on the scene. He has cut some credentials for himself in the legislative, he seems to be a strong-charactered individual, but also with a notoriety for being a bit of a maverick. However finicky it may sound, I wonder how a man of his age, a self-avowed computer-illiterate, can connect with younger generations.

    I’m not very familiar with the rest of the candidates.

  4. Right on Evan! Yeah, maybe you shouldn’t give away anything more about yourself. 😎

    Sadly McCain doesn’t have all of those qualities. He’s 72, he stumbles on his words, he just got over cancer, he has a temper, his political base doesn’t like him.

    Oh man… but the Democrats are running a couple of screwballs. I don’t know whats going to happen. This one could get interesting.

  5. Drowssap,

    I’m not an US citizen and I do not have any stake in the political process you’re going through in your country, but I do have some experience with politics and administration.

    I can tell you that a presidential administration is never just about the elected president as an individual, so only judging the candidate based on their experience does not say much about the outcomes if they are elected. It’s a combination of factors, including their experience, their team, their proposed policies and the pressures coming from the ranks of their parties.

    To be honest, in order to be a president you have to first have a very good physical constitution. Government at its highest level is one of the most demanding jobs one can have, and you can see that if you look at the pictures of people after they did their term.

    Secondly, you need to have very strong managing and negociation skills, which qualify one for running big institutions and dealing with very tricky stakes and shrewd representatives of all sorts of interests.

    Many times, the political past of some candidates would not match their conduct during one presidential term, I can tell you from my experience as a former advisor.

    I’ll just stop at that.

  6. I listened to the McCain speach at CPAC today on Sirius.

    Uggh… It wasn’t too bad. I might have to swallow my pride and vote for him.

    My alternative is to sit out the election and turn the country over to Obama who has the personality traits and skills of a cult leader.

  7. I am breaking my own rule by commenting on politics, but actually I’m not. I’ve seen good and bad come from James Dobson, but his statement, and radio appearances, during the middle of Super Tuesday voting, were the most petty and telling. The man can’t stand to lose – he is a micro-manager, a control freak – and he used the bizarre authority he has over so many to literally recommend that everyone follow him while he takes his bat and ball and goes home.

    Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.

    Barry Goldwater

  8. America just missed out on one of the greatest presidents they could have ever had – Romney/Santorum 2012

  9. McCain is going to try and win a presidential election without the GOP base and by being popular in the north east. Due to some strange circumstances his crazy plan might actually succeed. The Democrats are running two of the weakest candidates in my memory.

    I thought Clinton would be tough like her husband, but she is awful. She should be walking away with this. Obama has only served a half term in the US Senate. His only qualification to be president is his deep, Hollywood voice. The Clinton machine should be wiping him out, but it looks like she’ll probably lose.

    Side Note:

    It came out yesterday that Obama’s voting record is more liberal than Ted Kennedy’s. I don’t believe the country will elect an extremist like Obama no matter how he packages himself.

    Then again, I thought Romney would be the GOP nominee…

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