Home – Marc Broussard

Interrupting all the seriousness is this amazing vocal performance by Marc Broussard. I hope someday my kids remember the times “Papa started hummin’ the funk.”

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  1. Ann, Ahyiana: Have you ever listened to any of Warren’s music?


    Yes, I have and like it very much – my particular favorite is “Levi’s Sleeping”.

  2. Thanks Ahyiana! I missed this when Warren first posted it. Today the snow is falling, temperatures dropping, winds whipping up and I’ve just sampled six of his YouTube videos. LOL! Once the weather clears, I think I’ve got to do some CD shopping!

    One of the videos is of a classic I recall from “Blood, Sweat and Tears”…”I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know”. I actually performed the BS&T version at karaoke 3 weeks ago.

    Warren, I agree. I can’t name what it is exactly but somehow it’s precisely what I want in a blues voice. And “Home” is beautifully constructed. Thanks!

    Here’s hoping that bringing it back to the ‘Recently Commented’ list will extend it’s reach beyond the four of us.

    Ann, Ahyiana: Have you ever listened to any of Warren’s music? Click that yellow box up on the top right of this page…up where it links to “Warren Throckmorton, PhD.”

  3. Feb. 16, Louisiana-born singer songwriter Marc Broussard, will be in New Orleans for NBA All-Star 2008. He will perform during the player introductions along with his Dirty Dozen Brass Band prior to All-Star Saturday Night before nationwide audience, live on TNT at 8 p.m. ET.

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