Christian Post reports on youth attitudes toward homosexuality

Lillian Kwon integrates several lines of reporting to craft an article about trends among youth and attitudes toward homosexuality.

She first notes the Exodus International Allies Too campaign and then quotes Jared Barber from the same article by older brother Matt Barber that I cited in a recent post. Finally, she mentions the research from the Barna group which suggests that youth believe opposition to homosexuality may be out of balance.

Speaking of this tension, Peter LaBarbera posted on his website some of the discussion on the topic from this blog.

8 thoughts on “Christian Post reports on youth attitudes toward homosexuality”

  1. I am a Christian passionate about others. I love all gays and lesbian, Actually I love. You say a whole lot of truth. We Christians often oppose Christ by misrepresenting Him. My personal opinion is we should allow people all the liberties God allows them. But let us love them enough to tell them that one day the will answer before God for their choices. We are all free to choice, but never free from our choices. It is not always easy cause somethings led us to them, but the truth I have experienced is God can mend all lives if we open up to Him, not seek friends to tell us what we want to hear. It’s no big matter the ‘bad mouth’ of men, The matter is God.

    And that is thr real need, not just of gays, but of all living ‘their own ways’. God bless You

  2. Ken –

    You stated:

    “I think a large part of the problem are comments like this from LaBarbera:

    privileges based on people’s inclination toward aberrant sex

    What conservatives like LaBarbera don’t seem to realize is, now a lot more people have a better understanding of what it means to be gay than they did 20 years ago.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more. More people living more openly puts youth in touch with what it really means to be gay. They are more savvy and knowledgeable, and it turns them off to hear such ignorant, demeaning statements about people that they know – who do not fit into the image of homosexuality being crafted by some conservatives.

    I say let the LaBarbera’s of the world continue to spout their message…it continues to highlight the ignorance of that position, and win points for those who want fair and equal treatment.

    Personally, I think the message of “abherrant sex” is also getting old. People realize that even the acts performed by gay men and lesbian women, are often those found in opposite-sexed couples. Ho hum….

    I have said often that the tide is turning when you no longer find derrogatory speech acceptable about homosexuality – it is the first wind of change.

    The passing of ENDA is a good idea. If you believe homosexuality to be a choice, and religion is already protected (and a choice), then strike both or keep both….but you can’t have it both ways (keeping yours and striking another). Talk about wanting “special privileges.”

    All this rhetoric just makes Christianity look terribly prejudicial and discriminatory, which saddens me for the faith. When I tell someone I am a Christian, I find myself qualifying it…”but I’m a RECONCILING methodist” (you know, the open, accepting kind).

    It’s too that it’s come to this. Rather than digging in their heels to old rhetoric, how about admitting you are wrong and moving on.

  3. Warren said in post 61770:

    Ken – While I suspect we disagree about what orthodox Christianity teaches

    I don’t really care what orthodox Christianity teaches, as long as they keep it behind closed church doors :-}

  4. First of all, to the owner of this website, I congratulate you on allowing others to comment on your thoughts which you expressed in this blog.

    Note: One of the first to respond was Peter Labarbera, who himself denies others the opportunity to comment on his thoughts and musings via his blog “americans for (peters) truth”. He is a man who speaks, yet never listens to others. He does not allow anyone with a opposing viewpoint to comment on his site which shows how gutless he is. Sadly, “he can dish it out, but can’t take it”

    I think one thing we have to note is that men like Peter Labarbera and Matt Barber have withdrawn from mainstream society at this point and now make their livings on the backs of gays. They say they do it for god, but do they? Only they know the truth and birds of a feather flock together. Neither of these men would survive the real world that we all face. The hide out on websites writing their prideful articles and get high on having people read their “works of art”

    Imagine going to work at Allstate, or any company for that matter and you start to talk about Gays and how you think they are immoral, sinners, incompatible with christianity, etc., etc. Besides being unChrist like, it is completely mean sprited and inhuman, yet these men fight for their rights to keep hurting others. That is why they are so worried ENDA will pass. They would have to stop hurting others in the name of God.

    Then they have the nerve to say that they verbally assault people with their biblical words so they can “save them” so we can be in heaven with them one day. (side note from me: I think someone needs to save them)

    To poor Matt Barbers brother Jared, I understand you are worried about him. When you watch someone become obsessed with any subject, that is scarey. It must be frightening to listen to your brother rant about gays all day long. I say pray for him, and ask god to set him free of this obsession. Remember, he got fired for trying to get others to dislike a group of people and now he has to justify what he doing by saying “this war was brought to him”. As you know, he brought it on himself by using company time and equipment to bash.

  5. Ken,

    I absolutely agree with you. It is not surprising though to, once again, hear conservative Christians being inflammatory and judgemental. This kind of speech from people like this is almost cliche.

  6. LaBarbera says ENDA offers homosexuals “special workplace privileges based on people’s inclination toward aberrant sex.” Since when is not having to worry about getting fired because of your personal life a “special workplace privilege”? Personally, I think exclusively private businesses can hire and fire whoever they want — regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual preference.

    However, religion is already protected. If a business can’t fire someone because they are Muslim, Buddhist, Wiccan, etc. — even though these religious identities are just as much of a “choice” as sexual identity (perhaps even more so) and are considered just as “immoral” by Christian activists — then what logical argument do people have for not including sexual preference? More than that, how can they possibly say that they aren’t singling out homosexuality as a sin above sins, when other sins (i.e. worship of false gods) are protected?

  7. I think a large part of the problem are comments like this from LaBarbera:

    privileges based on people’s inclination toward aberrant sex

    What conservatives like LaBarbera don’t seem to realize is, now a lot more people have a better understanding of what it means to be gay than they did 20 years ago. So inflammatory statements like his only serve to highlight his own ignorance.

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