Delaware school requires “treatment” for bad thinking

I have been following the development of a story out of Delaware regarding the University of Delaware and residence life trainings to address student worldview. The link is to the website of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Eduation (FIRE). According to the website and documents I have seen, the university keeps a portfolio on students to ascertain progress toward institutional goals. The goals include forced views of white privilege and “heterosexism.” There are links on this site to the university’s ideological program.

It occurred to me that even my sectarian college does not micromanage the views of our students. I do not know how this will all shake out but I am following it. While I am sure there are some reasonable behaviors that the school would like to encourage, taking a “re-education” methodology (if this is implemented as described) seems counterproductive.

UPDATE: University of Delaware has stopped the program – see here.

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  1. Oh, me too, Mary! The same way I was coerced into referring to God in gender-neutral language at seminary or risk being docked a grade. If I had it to do all over again, I’d consider rebelling and filing a first amendment lawsuit. (Not really, but it might be fun.)

    I agree with you JAG that many racially self-aware folk realize we’ve benefitted from white privilege. Where there is room for difference is in how that is best addressed. I have no idea how U of D does it – though I know an RA from my previous church that I could ask. In our regional Methodist Church, however, we are “strongly encouraged” to adopt a liberal, progressive worldview, to repeatedly repent of actions we didn’t commit, and to approve of the “tribalization” that some African-American colleagues desire. It gets old.

  2. Frankly, I’m not sure how much I trust that FIRE article. Al sorts of alarm bells go off when reading it.

    For example the training they mention was presented by an outside speaker (not residence staff), Dr. Shakti Butler. No indication of whether this was a one-time thing by U. of Delaware or something ongoing (i.e. does the U. of Delaware agree with her viewpoint or not? Did they know the specifics of her talk in advance?)

    Further, FIRE seems more interested in expressing their righteous indignation rather than just asking for more information from the administration at U. of Del.

    Before anyone starts sharpening their pitchforks and lighting their torches, I’d recommend doing a bit more homework 1st.

  3. “The goals include forced views of white privilege and “heterosexism.” There are links on this site to the university’s ideological program.”

    Gasp! (sarcasm). Despite your take on race or homosexuality, any scholar or racially self-aware person would tell you that it is clear that, in America at least, we profit unknowingly in numerous ways if you happen to be Caucasian. The statistics on this could fill pages upon pages…

    The same goes for heterosexism. People are routinely denied opportunities, etc…due to orientation or perceived orientation. Although heterosexuals are an undeniable majority, the ways in which we stigmatize or covertly (or overtly) discriminate against those of varying orientations is shameful. I know, that even for myself, “passing” as heterosexual in appearance often opens doors that may not be if I had a more stereotypical presence.

    So, kudos to Delaware for bringing to light issues in our society that keep us apart, that keep us behaving in ways that segregate and build walls.

    How are these views “forced?” Do they not graduate? Is it “tracked?” Just like Grove City College, you sign up for what you sign up for. Your college has many “forced” views…a statement of faith, etc…although granted, it is a private school. We might say that the views at GCC are “forced” homophobia, chapel requirements, etc. And might I say, the minority population is almost nil.

    I don’t know that I can criticize what Delaware is doing…any more than I can criticize other schools who hold certain values dear.

  4. A personal file and progress reports on a student’s worldview?

    Sounds like East Germany in 1965

    s c a r y

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