GOP meet and greet at Values Voter Summit: Open Forum

This weekend the Values Voters Summit will look for some consolidation of views surrounding a candidate to offset Rudy and defeat Hillary in 2008. The New Yorks Times covers these expectations and what is stake for various suitors for the social conservative vote.

Feel free to post links, comments and observations from weekend coverage here.

Rudy Giuliani’s speech may have helped his status with social conservatives…or maybe not – 10-20-07 – The straw poll shows conservative support split between Romney and Huckabee.

2 thoughts on “GOP meet and greet at Values Voter Summit: Open Forum”

  1. Do any of these social conservatives support individual freedom and limited government? Do any of them support the religious freedom neither to be conservative Christian, nor to subsidize conservative Christians with their tax dollars?

    It seems to me that the summit leaders belong in the Constitution Party, not the Republican Party. Their “values” are not congruent with those of the party, nor are these “values” shared by most Christians.

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