Conservative columnist says, “ex-gay leader returns to sodomy”

Fred Hutchison, a conservative columnist, yesterday sent an email to a small distribution list criticizing a variety of conservative and liberal evangelicals over their positions and statements on homosexuality. This email was then widely distributed among social conservatives. One claim stood out:

Ex-gay leader returns to sodomy

According to Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute Alex Chambers, (sic) Director of Exodus International, the largest Evangelical organization for ex-gays declared that he is no longer ex-gay and is not sure he has ever met an ex-gay! He is now calling to Evangelicals to reconcile with practicing gays.

I contacted Mr. Hutchison and he cited again Paul Cameron and also added the LA Times as sources. He is referring to the LA Times article where Alan was quoted discussing realistic views of sexual orientation change. It is beyond me how one could reach Hutchison’s conclusion from the LA Times article. I wonder what Paul Cameron had to say. I have emailed to ask but have no response as yet.

As for Alan, he has not had a change of heart regarding homosexuality and is understandably unhappy about the false claims, asking for a speedy retraction.

When Mr. Hutchison has a response, I will include it here.

UPDATE: Mr. Hutchison sent an email response to this post and asked me to publish it.

“I was doing confidential research on the evangelical left and selected a few good men to supervise me to keep me on track. I really thought Paul Cameron and the LA Times were adequate sources because I had no intention to publish. One of my trusted advisors published the piece all over creation resulting in tremendous criticism from many quarters. He publishes my stuff and then chides me for not having deep enough sources for publication. A double game. I do regret using the word “sodomy.” Other than that I must finish my research, get all the facts and retell the story more perfectly in line with the truth. At the moment I am in communication with Alan Chambers and intend to give him a fair hearing. If retractions are needed I will not hesitate to retract. This was my intention from the start of this explosive controversy. However, I respect facts and not pressure or public calumny. Fair enough? Fred Hutchison


15 thoughts on “Conservative columnist says, “ex-gay leader returns to sodomy””

  1. Jamesons, four fingers, neat. Fireplace and classical music. Repeat as necessary.

    It may help to repeat the explitive phrase…WTF?

  2. Glad you’re keeping your sense of humor, Alan, but watch out…with comments like that, Fred will start reporting you’re in rehab, too.

  3. Jeepers.

    I knew about this of course but … sheesh.


    Sometimes the “ultra-conservatives” as XGW labels them can be just as much an energy drain as anyone else.

  4. Eddy, as you can see, I have the solution – SHEESH.

    Boo – Isn’t Captain Howdy the main character in the theme park, Cameron’s World? You know the one we all live in.

  5. I guess that would be an ex-ex-selfish-hedonist (eesh). So if we surround ex-ex with selfish hedonist, then we have sheesh.

    Alan, I recommend a diet Coke float.

  6. Oh–and I told you all that no good would come from trying to abandon the term ‘ex-gay’ rather than define it.

  7. We (Warren)–

    I’m sorry but now I’ve just got to know…

    Is one of you always ‘a top’ or are you comfortable with either role? Are there other MMPAST’s out there? (Malaysian Midgets Posing As SIT Therapists)

  8. Boo – Once again, you cut to the heart of the issue and expose a dread secret about me all in one comment.

    I am (we are) in awe.

  9. I really thought Paul Cameron and the LA Times were adequate sources

    Last night a ouija board told me that Warren is really a pair of Malaysian midget twins wearing a very clever disguise. Hey, it’s an adequate source.

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