Sen. Larry Craig says, “I wish I knew how to quit you!”

Senator Craig lost his bid to overturn his guilty plea but vowed to stay the course in the Senate. Brownback says, he will probably get to stay.

And now Mike Jones “had to say something” about Larry Craig.

5 thoughts on “Sen. Larry Craig says, “I wish I knew how to quit you!””

  1. Alan,

    Was it a misdemeanor?? Isn’t that why he admitted guilt – he could get a misdemenaor instead of the possibility of public exposure and a felony??

  2. He will likely have to explain himself before the Ethics Committee…and this will likely be fairly humiliating for him. I think he is truly so locked in to his perspective, that he is beginning to believe his own lies. Either way, the evidence is not in his favor, and if he were doing what is best for his family, he would step down – be a gentleman, and do some hard work personally around this issue.

  3. I am thinking he is still there because he resigned with a specific date and is going to stay until then.

  4. Hey Alan–

    I’m hoping someone with more specific knowledge will chime in but I’m thinking that politics has a big line between ‘misdemeanor’ and ‘felony’. In the eyes of the law, ‘disorderly conduct’ isn’t much more serious than a traffic ticket.


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