Paul Cameron questions VP Cheney at Salt Lake gathering

Here is my question: Is this news release referring to the same gathering that is reported on here? This Tribune article says about the gathering: “But for all the mystery, it was pretty mundane, according to those who were inside…” If indeed, this is the same gathering (same place, same time), then Paul Cameron didn’t think things were so mundane. See below.

Dems Endorse Gay Marriage Pitch to Second Graders; Cheney Ducks Question

Contact: Dr. Paul Cameron, Family Research Institute, 303-681-3113

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 1 /Christian Newswire/ — Speaking to a group of conservative leaders gathered at the Grand America Hotel, Vice President Dick Cheney pointedly ducked a question Democratic presidential candidates had recently answered during their debate at Dartmouth College.

On Wednesday night, Allison King of New England Cable News had asked the Democratic contenders: “Last year, some parents of second-graders in Lexington, Massachusetts, were outraged to learn their children’s teacher had read a story about same-sex marriage, about a prince who marries another prince…. Would you be comfortable having this story read to your children as part of their school curriculum?”

Former Senator John Edwards said, “Yes, absolutely.” Senator Barack Obama had answered: “I feel very similar to John.” And frontrunner Senator Hillary Clinton had agreed: “I really respect what both John and Barack Said.”

Two days later, when researcher Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute asked Vice President Cheney essentially the same question at Salt Lake City, substituting “American children” for “your children,” Cheney refused to answer “yes” or “no,” saying it was a question for the states to decide.

“I gave him the opportunity to distance himself and the Republican Party from the Democratic position,” Cameron said, “and he wouldn’t do it. A lot of people will find this apparent lack of conviction highly disturbing.”

Both the Romney (“This is a subject that should be left to parents, not public school teachers”) and Thompson campaigns (“Fred wants to let kids be kids while the Democrats are trying to turn them into mini activists”) condemned schools telling 7 year-olds that homosexual activity is OK.

The Family Research Institute, a think-tank in Colorado Springs, does research on demographic and sexual trends.

4 thoughts on “Paul Cameron questions VP Cheney at Salt Lake gathering”

  1. What’s so mundane about a cabal who claims to be the true conservative in America but won’t even allow members to identify themselves. From that previous article:

    Members are told not to discuss the group, reveal the topics discussed in the closed-door meetings, or even say whether or not they are members of the organization. … Members of the group say they are not a shadowy cabal but concerned Americans engaging in frank policy discussions, made possible by the secrecy.

    Paul Cameron seemingly broke the rules. But then he’s so taken-over with the idea of self-promotion, I doubt he cares to follow anyone’s rules other than his own.

  2. The real question here has nothing to do with the questions and answers. Why is a nut like Paul Cameron even allowed in the same vicinity as the VP, much less the same room and close enough to ask questions. Something is seriously wrong with that picture.

  3. I think this story illustrates just how much we’ve progressed as a nation. During the last presidential campaign period, no one would have wanted to seemingly state that homosexuality is acceptable in any way. Now, all three democratic frontrunners support repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell,” having some sort of legal relationship recognition of same-sex couples, and it’s hopeful.

    As for Cheney, well, I’m not sure why his opinion matters much. He’ll be off the radar shortly.

    There was a story done in Time, that stated Republicans are on the “wrong side of history” in this issue. I think that time will prove that statement correct.,9171,1633076,00.html

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