ABC’s 20/20 to feature Love Won Out

Citizen Link is reporting that tomorrow night’s 20/20 will air a segment about Focus on the Family’s Love Won Out. Filmed in Omaha, the theme will be difficult choices. I will be curious about what themes are sounded by the staff. Past LWO programs have focused on reparative theories of causation and change. I wonder what the emphasis is now in the program and how the 20/20 folks will frame it all. 20/20 runs from 9pm to 11pm est.

Lord willing, I’ll be watching.

UPDATE: 9/21/07 – Well, it wasn’t must-see TV as far as I am concerned. Old news about Paulk, no follow up on his life now. Drescher is the only professional involved, insinuations about money being the (real) motive behind ex-gay stuff, etc. The interview with James Serra was interesting and certainly not asserting much of anything about change. The 2 out of 9 follow up on LIA was new but even then, Mr. Serra is not straight.