ABC’s 20/20 to feature Love Won Out

Citizen Link is reporting that tomorrow night’s 20/20 will air a segment about Focus on the Family’s Love Won Out. Filmed in Omaha, the theme will be difficult choices. I will be curious about what themes are sounded by the staff. Past LWO programs have focused on reparative theories of causation and change. I wonder what the emphasis is now in the program and how the 20/20 folks will frame it all. 20/20 runs from 9pm to 11pm est.

Lord willing, I’ll be watching.

UPDATE: 9/21/07 – Well, it wasn’t must-see TV as far as I am concerned. Old news about Paulk, no follow up on his life now. Drescher is the only professional involved, insinuations about money being the (real) motive behind ex-gay stuff, etc. The interview with James Serra was interesting and certainly not asserting much of anything about change. The 2 out of 9 follow up on LIA was new but even then, Mr. Serra is not straight.

2 thoughts on “ABC’s 20/20 to feature Love Won Out”

  1. Love Won Out or Love in Action at Memphis???

    We can’t get ABC out here on the farm, the nearest station is over 70 miles away with some interference from a close PBS station inbetween.


    It appears to be the last segment of four in the 10-11pm slot. It reads to be:

    My Sexuality or My Religion: Conversion Therapy. Is it possible to attend a kind of conversion, or “reparative” therapy to “pray away the gay”? JuJu Chang reports on conferences, group homes and other therapy sessions aimed at men struggling with their same sex-attraction. Do these programs work or do they cause damage?

    Sound more like Love In Action. And it sounds like something that might be a re-cut of what they have shown before.

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