San Francisco: A nice place to visit

Golden Gate Bridge

My heart is safe but this beautiful spot on earth has my attention. I am blogging from a little cafe in Sausalito and have had a nice day. Through the miracle of wireless, I have been able to work most of the morning and see sights through the afternoon. Perhaps it says something about me that the first place I wanted to go (my first time here) was the Fillmore (couldn’t get in, a band was setting up). Haight-ashburyFrom there, I went to Haight-Ashbury (trippy), to Castro (colorful), then to the Mission District (amen), then over the Golden Gate Bridge (wow!) and now here in Sausalito (very hip).

That is my attempt at a travelogue.

Well, Blakeslee just called so I am heading back to the city of the all time home-run king.

Tomorrow, the APA convention…