Check this out in the Update

A website under development in the family of sites is which reads:

Gay Safety is under development as an additional to the Gay Library and will be up and running at the end of September 2007. Check back often.

While many already possess such self defense and military skills, it is necessary for the worldwide gay-allied community to acquire a relatively-uniform knowhow and expertise to defend and enforce human rights against human rights violators, using lethal force as needed to prevent and punish violations.

The Stonewall Rebellion celebrated on Christopher Street Day each year in the month of June serves as a reminder of our capacity to hold the top human rights violators and their bloodlines accountable for GLBT persecution. There is not a single nation on Earth where such violators and their bloodlines can escape our retribution when they violate our human rights.

The gay-allied community will always outnumber the top human rights violators and their bloodlines, and will always have access to every weapon imaginable. Regrettably yet realistically, lethal force is required in retribution to enforce human rights when politicians, businesspeople, and “nonprofit” leaders turn corrupt and catastrophically fail to meet their obligations to uphold the human rights of all family members, gay and straight, young and old, male and female, without exception.

The silence from Omaha is very loud.

UPDATE – 8/15/07 – The violent statements have been removed from the “” site. Here is a screen capture of the site containing the disturbing material. Other offensive material has been blocked from view on the and sites.

UPDATE – 8/16/07 – Yesterday, the Christian Post published an article online about this set of sites. As noted above, the sites have been cleansed of offensive messages. A PFLAG of Omaha media representative, Bob Dorr, has emailed to say that his group will be making a statement soon in response. Mr. Dorr takes these messages seriously and expressed gratitude to me for letting him know about they were on these sites.