12 thoughts on “Sex-crazed mutant females found in lab”


    Are you kidding me? This research doesn’t say anything about SSA or OSA in people. But you should get points for jumping to conclusions!!!!

  2. CK –

    “I guess it depends on how you understand “gender.” I’m thinking more about self-reflective identity against a cultural backdrop…which by definition, rodents cannot have.”

    Solid point…I certainly understand that perspective. Thank you for your clarification.

  3. THis is animal cruelty. WHile I’m not an animal rights activist, I do favor animal welfare. I would like to see them abolish using animals for lab experiments to find cures for diseases, or @least require anesthesia, however, this experiment does not cure diseases.

    Rodents can have sex many times a day. Using studies on animal sexuality as a guide to people’s sexuality is a bad idea. Rodents also sometimes eat their young. People’s minds are much broader than that of animals.

  4. CK –

    I think mice have gender as well as biological sex. One of the reasons is for example, in other species, we find same-sex mating behavior in over 400 species. In some of these instances, the females take on stereotypically “male” traits, and in some the males take on stereotypically “female” traits for that species.

    Drowssap –

    There are plenty of women who have sex drives just as high or higher than their spouses…fear not.

  5. Warren,

    Didn’t hurt a nerve – just thought that the description if used on a human would give rise to a revolt of some sort.

  6. Most men would be happy if the average woman posessed the same sex drive they have.

    Mother Nature had different priorities. 😎

  7. Didn’t mean to hit a nerve, y’all. I thought the headline sounded like something out of science fiction. Research suggests that men think about sex more than women across cultures. Probably brain organization has something to do with that.

  8. Mary –

    You and I are on the same page with this one. Why is it, that if a woman is inclined towards sexual behavior the same as a man, she is considered “sex-crazed?” So narrow-minded and bigoted.

    I’ve never taken birth control pills, and would consider my own drive to be quite high. If you look into the research, maybe more women would be more “sex crazed” if they weren’t taking pills which have been shown to inhibit sex drive, orgasm, etc..

    Just a thought – it might be more “normal” than we think.

  9. This is certainly interesting but by no means unique. Check out the genderblind mutant fruit fly:


    Different from these mice, the altered gene is one that appears to regulate the chemical environment in the fly. The link between the mutation and the behavior is even more odd in this case.

  10. Um…. I think the mice should rise up against such bigotted phrases such as “sex crazed”. They are after all just doing what comes naturally after having their genes exploited.

  11. Very interesting research.

    I think this says a lot about the possible reason for male SSA. Men are born with all the female wiring already installed. For some reason the part of the brain responsible for sexual orientation or gender identification doesn’t get hit with enough herbs and spices to differentiate and create OSA.

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